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|| News Item: Posted 2002-09-18

'Bottom Bands' aren't bad musical acts.
New feature gives SportsShooter members the ability to contribute in a new way.

By Grover Sanschagrin

We've been calling them the 'bottom bands.' Yes, we have a name for those lines of text (with a link) that appear at the bottom of every page on

Since the day we first launched the site, we've been putting 'interesting things' in the bottom bands. They change randomly each time a page loads, and there are lots of them in there.

Well, one day we thought it might be cool/fun to give each member the ability to put a bottom band of their own into the rotation. And thanks to the coding brilliance of Webmaster Burfield, this has now happened.

Photo by

This is a screen shot.
How do you add a bottom band of your own to the rotation? Well, it is EASY, of course. Just log in, and look for the link on the "Member's Area" page that says "Create/Edit A Bottom Band." To make this even easier, we've included a handy screen shot for your viewing pleasure.

Don't know what to include here? Well, in an attempt to give you some ideas, I've put together the following list of things that are now possible with the new bottom band contribution tool.

1) Send 'cryptic' signals to space aliens monitoring the site from outer space - who are most likely clicking "reload" every 5 seconds on the Getty/AllSport/NBA controversy message board thread.

2) Divulge secret information regarding the REAL winner of 'American Idol.'

3) Write to your representative in congress in one line or less.

4) Write a poem and then claim your are a 'published poet' on your resume.

5) Tell everyone just how much you love, and brag/complain about your current page count.

6) Raise public awareness about the benefits of hemp products, solar energy, and cars that run on water.

7) Solicit tasty George Forman Grill recipes.

8) Test out cool new words you learned the day before by writing 'practice sentences'.

9) Send a marriage proposal to your significant other.

10) Have fun showing and telling people interesting things.

Keep on rockin' in the free world. OK?

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