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|| News Item: Posted 2002-07-18

Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau registration now open
The 2nd Annual Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau will be held Nov. 1 and 2, 2002 in Southern California

By Robert Hanashiro

Photo by
That's right, you heard me --- it's TWO DAYS!


The Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau is a perfect event for students to learn from the top photographers in the business. Speakers will cover technique, the philosophy behind the great images seen in the top newspapers and magazines and tell you little behind-the-scenes stories and tidbits about their work. This year, we will be allowing working professional photographers to attend as well. So if you've been in the business for a little while and looking for some motivation, tips and trade secrets in making memorable photographs, the Sports Shooter Workshop
Photo by Peter Read Miller

Photo by Peter Read Miller
& Luau is the place to be.


We kick off the weekend with Sports Illustrated's Peter Read Miller. Peter will be showing a selection of his unbelievable portraits and action photographs and telling the stories behind the making of these memorable images.

The rest of the evening will be devoted to One-On-One Portfolio Reviews with the faculty and staff of the Workshop & Luau. If you want to have your work reviewed, please bring either a slide or print portfolio. Try to limit the number of images to about 20. If you have a digital portfolio, make sure you bring your own laptop computer to show your work. Please do not feel you have to show just sports photography! The photographers and picture editors that will be reviewing work are not limited in expertise to just sports photography ... so bring your news photos, picture stories and features too! You can get as many portfolio reviews as you'd like during the three hour session. On the registration form, just indicate you want to have a portfolio review.


Leading off the day will be the always entertaining Robert Beck from Sports Illustrated. Robert presentation is titled: "Hey Dude, What f/stop Are You Using? --- Covering Alternative Sports." Robert will be showing photos from surfing, skate boarding, beach volleyball and maybe tell a funny story or two about covering the PGA.

Rod Mar and Brad Mangin will lead a panel discussion "Shooting For Dailies/Shooting For Mags" which will cover the basics of successful sports photography and what the difference in philosophy is between newspaper or wire service coverage and what a magazine might be looking for from game coverage. Brad, a Bay Area freelance photographer and Rod,
Photo by Robert Beck

Photo by Robert Beck
a staff photographer with the Seattle Times, will also share some tips and secrets on how to keep from getting that same old tired second base shot and how to stay motivated.


We are offering a fabulous variety of breakout sessions, which will last 90 minutes --- so there will be plenty of time for instruction as well as questions. Everyone will get two breakout sessions and they will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. To sign up, just use the simple pull-down menus and rank the sessions in order of your preference. Depending on sign up, some of these sessions will be offered twice.

By Robert Seale of the Sporting News

Robert travels across the country photographing the top athletes that grace the cover of the Sporting News, the nation's oldest all sports publication. He will show samples of his work and discuss technique, how to work with your subject and coming up with ideas for "theme" portraits. Robert will also set up and shoot portraits right before your eyes, showing you step-by-step how he works and explaining why. Whether you want to be a "Sports Shooter" or just looking to learn easy to use portrait techniques for any subject, Robert Seale will enlighten and amaze you.

Photo by Robert Seale/The Sporting News

Photo by Robert Seale/The Sporting News

Mike Piazza
By Rick Rickman

Thinking of starting a career as a freelance photographer? Maybe moonlight from that staff job you have? This may not be as simple a proposition as it sounds. Rick will take you through the steps of how to figure your cost of doing business, what to look out for in those nasty contracts offered by some newspapers and wire services and how to protect your copyright. While any of these topics could be dry as an Arizona riverbed, with the energetic and humorous Rick Rickman, there will never be a dull moment in this session. Rick is a Southern California freelance photographer and won the 1985 Pulitzer Prize while on the staff of the Orange County Register.

REMOTES 101: How Hung Is That Camera?
By Mark J. Terrill of the Associated Press

Ever wondered what lens to use for a "glass remote"? Or is a "Pocket Wizard" some kind of weird sex ritual? How about using gear like a "Magic Arm" or "Super Clamp" ? Ever want to take the readers of your newspapers somewhere they don't normally see? Mark J. Terrill will show all and tell all! Mark will display all of the hardware, gadgets and gear necessary to put a camera over a basket, in a net or on a post. He will also discuss the use of wireless networking technology for retrieving images shot by remote cameras.

By Trent Nelson, Salt Lake Tribune and Ronal Taniwaki, Nikon Professional Services.

Is Mac OS X for you? How can you use shortcut keys to speed up your work? What kind of personal archiving system are you using? Is your
Photo by AP/Mark J. Terrill

Photo by AP/Mark J. Terrill

Philadelphia 76ers' Dikembe Mutombo, top, and Los Angeles Lakers' Shaquille O'Neal vie for a loose ball during the second half of game 3 of the NBA finals in Philadelphia, Sunday, June 10, 2001.
newspaper throwing away all of those pixels you're capturing after the ink hits the printed page? How can a simple bulb syringe prevent a photographer's headache? What image editing software is being used by most newspapers? These and many, many more topics will be covered by Salt Lake Tribune chief photographer Trent Nelson and Ronal Taniwaki, NPS branch manager. If you're a digital newbie or even a veteran NC2000 user, this is a session that you should not miss.

IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT! Covering Prep Sports:
By Bob Larson, Contra Costa Times

We all have to start somewhere and usually it's covering that Friday night football or basketball game. Bob Larson, a staff photographer with the Contra Costa Times, will show his extensive work in prep sports proving that great sports images aren't just made covering the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball. Bob will also dispense tips and little secrets on how to handle the poor lighting in prep gyms and stadiums. Bob will also talk about a personal project he has been shooting: the De La Salle High School football team, which is unbeaten in over 120 consecutive games. If you are a student that has any career plans that involve newspapers or you're a staffer looking to see how someone else does it better, Bob Larson's class is the one for you.

The workshop will end with a final general session, which will be a panel entitled "21 QUESTIONS WITH SPORTS SHOOTER". Bert Hanashiro will lead the faculty and staff of the Workshop & Luau on a review of the days' activities and answer any questions you might have left over from the day. Whether it's something there wasn't time for during a breakout or you have a question concerning a session you couldn't attend or you just want to know what kind of car Bert drives ('92 Trooper!), this session will be the catch-all for all of the leftover business. This should be a fun-filled hour that will be the perfect way to end the Workshop & Luau 2002.

Photo by Brad Mangin

Photo by Brad Mangin

Barry Bonds goes deep against the A's in June of 2001.
Others expected to make an appearance and helping with this year's Workshop & Luau include: Alan Greth, Contra Costa Times director of photography; Jack Gruber, USA Today; Robin Goddard, The Los Angeles Times; Karen Warren, the Houston Chronicle; Joe Gosen and Jim McNay from the Brooks Institute of Photography and's own Executive Producer Grover Sanschagrin.


To register for the Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau, just click on the link and completely fill out the registration form, including a valid e-mail address. (Note: all information, including updates and confirmation will be done via e-mail.)

If you are a student, make sure you tell us what school you are attending or if you are a full-time intern. There is no registration fee for full-time students or full-time interns.

For working professional photographers, make sure you tell us who you work for (or if you're a freelance photographer, just indicate that) in the space provided. There is a registration fee of $75.00 (US) for working professional photographers.

Please make sure you indicate if you want one-on-one portfolio reviews and rank the breakout sessions in order of your preference. You will be given two breakout sessions.

There are still many, many more features we have yet to announce but I can tell you this: We have some great things still in the planning stages!

Photo by Rod Mar/The Seattle Times

Photo by Rod Mar/The Seattle Times

Seattle safety Darryl Williams puts a stunning hit on Oakland receiver Rickey Dudley jarring the ball loose and causing the pass to fall incomplete.
After you click the submit button, your registration form will be sent directly to Sports Shooter Central. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when you have been accepted into the 2002 Workshop & Luau. (At that time, and that time only, working pros that have been accepted will be instructed to mail a check to

The schedule, hotel information and directions will be e-mailed to those accepted into the workshop.

Please note: the $75 registration fee is non-refundable (but may be negotiable) and any student who is accepted and fails to show up without cancelling two weeks in advance...will be put on the mega-death list and will never work in this business. Ever! members will be given priority in registration. Ahhh...the joys of membership!

And remember: make sure to wear a Hawaiian print shirt!

Nikon is the primary sponsor of Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau 2002.

So sit back, adjust the volume on that Ahn Trio CD ( ... and register for Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau 2002!

Robert Hanashiro
Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau 2002

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