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|| News Item: Posted 1999-02-04

Leading Off: Hoops & Arena Lighting
By Robert Hanashiro

The lockout is over (the payments for the luxury cars were past due!) and a 50 game schedule is now official.

Jordan is retired.

Pippen is in Houston. McDyess is back in Denver (go figure).

Sports Shooter turns its attention to hoops with an issue devoted primarily to arena and gymnasium lighting. Whether it's the Great Western Forum or your local high school "pit," photographers want to get the best possible light and quality.

I am fortunate to have several contributions to this month's issue that should cover the entire spectrum of hoops coverage...from the NBA to the preps. And there are two things that all of these lighting "formulas" have in common: 1) set up time and 2) a desire for the best quality possible.

Too often we want to take the easy way out, direct on camera flash at a high school game or just pushing color neg beyond its limits to shoot available light at a college or pro game. With digital becoming more and more of a reality at newspapers, using these lighting techniques to get the most out of that DCS520, 620 or NC2000e is more important than ever.

Read, learn and enjoy.

P.S.: I'll miss Jordan like the rest of the world.

Robert Hanashiro

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