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|| News Item: Posted 1998-12-05

NFL Stadium Report

By H.Darr Beiser, USA TODAY

I've done two Redskin games this season. So far things have worked out pretty well. I have not had a problem with the new sidelines. You do have to work around the security guys. Had an NFL Films guy with a yellow vest come along and kneel in front of me but I was standing so it was not a problem.

The seats start up high at Jack Kent Cook Stadium so standing is OK around most of the field. I did see one microphone guy I inside the yellow line, so I don't think the rule on that has been adequately circulated.

The Redskins sidelines are always crowded, especially on the home side of the field. It does not seem worse this year, maybe a bit better, but still bad. And the end zones here fill up really fast when the action moves past midfield.

My advice to out of towners is get to the stadium two and a half to three hours before the game as parking is tough. And get some food before the game because the chili dogs they put out at half time are harsh.

Ravens' stadium was great. Very nice looking and easy to get around. We are lucky enough to have season parking so I do not know about general parking. I will ask around and see if I can get info. Since it is downtown next to Orioles Park at Camden Yards there are tons of restaurants and other attractions (like Harbor Place) nearby. There is even a commuter train terminal right by it. Media entrance is on the south side, between gates C and D.

There is a photographers lounge on the field level where they serve bagels and danish before the game and sub sandwiches at halftime. You must kneel on the sidelines. It was not crowded and easy to work the sidelines, but the Ravens are 2-6 and there was a Redskins game down the road the same day. I'm not sure every game is not crowded.

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