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|| News Item: Posted 1998-12-05

NFL Stadium Report

By Rod Mar, Seattle Times

I haven't found the sideline markings too much of a problem yet, but then the Seahawks haven't played in a "big" game yet, either. This Sunday they play at K.C. on ESPN Sunday night, so this could be the first real test for me.

Only problems I have had were some security guards in Philly, who once we asked (very nicely, I might add), where nice enough to move back from the "gap" to behind our line. In Seattle, the biggest problem has always been injured players in street clothes, assorted assistant's assistants, etc. straying from the sideline boundaries further down field thus blocking our view. But no real complaints from me, so far.

As for photo-weenies, the Seahawks are pretty good about keeping them from getting credentials. It's never been as bad as the RAIDERS...but University of Washington games are full of them. comedians like to say to hecklers, "hey, I don't come to YOUR place of work and mess with the french fry machine..."

Advice for those coming to Seattle:
1. Parking and parking passes can be tough, since the new Mariners stadium is being built. So if the team doesn't give you one, that's why. But it's VERY easy (as many veterans know) to take a cab from any of the downtown hotels. It's close, cheap, and faster than wading through the lots.

2. Try to eat before you get to the Kingdome. The food is breakfast, and it's pretty bad. Locals stick with the fresh fruit and stay away from the hot food. It might be good at the time, but you'll feel it by halftime.

3. For those visiting and using the AP, they're located on the 200 level, which is on the press box level.

4. Arm bands (required) and flip cards are handed out on the field near the visitors tunnel. Also in that tunnel is usually a table manned by a crew from the local pro camera store (Glazers) which usually has assorted batteries, screwdrivers, and even bodies and lenses for loan. If anyone has questions they can email me at:

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