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|| News Item: Posted 1998-12-05

NFL Stadium Report
Dallas and Nashville

By Chris Covatta, Freelance

I've shot at Dallas, Carolina, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Denver and Nashville. To be honest, things don't seem to be that much different than it was before the new rules went into effect. For the most part the network camera guys have been nonexistent.

In Dallas (this was a preseason game) the TV guy on one side of the field would get down on his knees to shoot. On the other side of the field the camera dude did get in the way a couple of times. The problem in Dallas, as he anyone who has shot there knows, is the ugly, and I do mean butt-ugly, Dallas cheerleaders.

I was elbowed in the side a couple of times, and hit in the back of the head with pom-poms. The only good thing was the breeze created from waving pom-poms, because it was over 100 degrees on the field.

My only other observation comes from shooting two games in Nashville. There's good news and bad. The good news it's a small stadium with easy access. You can leave at the end of the game and still be at the airport in 15 minutes or less.

The bad news is it's an astro turf field with horrible heat waves. And even worst, the team benches back up to the wall, so to get from one end of the field to the other, you have to go in a tunnel under the stands. When you get to the other end you have to deal with a guy who opens up the gate to let you end and keep those wretch fans out.

If you don't plan when you enter the dreaded tunnel, you can miss two or three plays. And if there's a interception or fumble, the teams can be going the other way by the time you again reach daylight. By the way, this tunnel is only on one side of the field, so you can't go from one end of the field to the other on the pressbox sid

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Chris Covatta

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