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|| News Item: Posted 2001-12-19

Last Minute Gifts for the Photographer that has Everything
By The Bagman

So while hanging that mistletoe the other day --- and dropping major hints to my wife Deanna that an iPod would be THE gift to get her favorite photographer (or husband) --- I thought: what do you get the photographer that has EVERYTHING?

I know that the most in-demand item photographers want these days is a 6-megapixel, full-frame digital camera that shoots 10 fps, auto-focuses faster than the human eye and also plays MP3s while washing your car (at least that's what I read on various "Forums").

But let's be realistic.

So I came up with a short list of cool - neat things to get your favorite photographer besides an iPod.

- The Boostaroo. Ever wish your iPod, WalkMan or radio had a little more volume? Well if you want to piss off that couple from Kinosha staying in that room next door at Courtyard Mariottt room this is the little gizmo for you. The Boostaroo boosts the volume of your little audio device (including your PowerBook) by 40 %. And believe me it does. You just plug the Boostaroo into the headphone jack and you can listen to Alien Ant Farm at near eardrum-shatter levels. The Boostaroo also allows you to share your tunes because it has two headphone jacks. The Boostaroo is perfect for using on noisy flights as well as noisy press workrooms. The Boostaroo is $19.95

- They say "no glove, no love" regular readers of Sports Shooter know about my recent run-in at the x-ray/security check point Hartsfield International where my G3 PowerBook took a major hit coming out of the x-ray machine. Well, I have found the coolest looking protection for your laptop. Made by Waterfield Design, the SleeveCase is made out of neoprene and comes in various sizes that'll fit Mongo's Sony Viao or Bob Deutsch's sleek new G4 PowerBook Ti. The SleeveCase also comes in two styles: horizontal or vertical orientation. You can even accessorize that SleeveCase with options for a blastic flaps that covers the opening and D-rings to add a shoulder strap. Prices range from$35 to $42. Also Santa (read Deanna): They also make a way-cool protective case for the iPod!)

- So you've got you ultra-hip PowerBook Ti hooked up to that iPod updating your play list before the game starts. Want to look even cooler (while keeping cool)? Check out the RoadTools CoolPad at Other World Computing: The CoolPad goes underneath your laptop giving it a little "breathing room" so it vents a little better and keeps (and looks) cool. There is also a model that swivels for that ultra-cool look. And since you're accessorizing that PowerBook why not get a Laptop Screen Protector while you're at it. Other World sells both individually and in bundles.

Photo by
- If you're like me, you never really learned how to input info into your Palm using Graffiti (and using a stylus and the virtual keyboard is too time consuming). There have been add-on keyboards available for years and they were nice but too bulky. How about a keyboard that folds up to about 2/3 the size of your Palm? For $29.95 you can have a shirt-pocket-sized keyboard with you all the time. There are a few on the market (I've seen ones a little larger at Staples) but check out the PDA Keyboard at Cyberguys. And while you're at it, if there are ANY cords, adapters or supplies you need for your printer, this is THE place to go:

- Here's a great site to find those little do-dads and nick-naks to put in that photographer's stocking: Any veteran Road Warrior will tell you that saving space is the order of the day (in addition to looking cool). So why carry around that 6, 8 or 10-foot firewire cable to hook up your iPod (okay, okay --- your external hard drive)? Firewire Depot carries these neat little 8-inch cables that look great and take up no room in your computer bag. In addition to finding ANY cable you might ever need, Firewire depot carries external hard drives (including the way-cool Fire & Ice drives by Think), CDRWs, Firewire bridges and enclosures if you're adventurous enough to want to build your own drives.

All of these sites offer overnight shipping, so it's not too late to get that special someone, something special (and cool besides an iPod).

(The Bagman, aka Robert Hanashiro, has closets-full of every assortment of bag, case, camera wrap or other useless --- but cool --- item to put your cameras and computers in. He can be contacted at:

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