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|| News Item: Posted 1998-12-05

Geek Corner
By Robert Hanashiro

-Kodak has moved their DCS driver download site. The current firmware for the DCS520 is 1.4.4. It is now at:

- A recent post on NPPA-L by Michael Schwarz concerning entries to the Alanta Photojournalism Seminar contest was a bit eye opening. About 10 percent of the entries (floppies, Zips and CD ROMs) were infected by the Auto Start Virus.

The worm is a faceless background application that takes advantage of the AutoPlay feature in QuickTime 2.0 and higher to install itself. Whenever a volume is mounted, QuickTime (with AutoPlay turned on) will run the worm, thus infecting the system and all other mounted volumes.

When a machine becomes infected, it may appear to lock up for a little while, then continue normal operation. If you experience this phenomenon, your system may be infected by this worm. Upon initial infection, your machine may reboot right after an infected volume (floppy, hard disk, CD-ROM, Zip Disk, etc.) is mounted.

In addition to replicating itself, all current mutations of the worm have been reported to overwrite parts of certain files with garbage data. While these files are not infected, they cannot be repaired and must be restored from a backup. Reported behavior includes overwriting with garbage data parts of files:

1) whose names have endings "data", "cod", and "csa"
2) whose names end with "dat" if the entire file is larger than about 2 Mbytes

Here are a couple of utilities that will flush your Mac of the Auto Start Virus:

* Worm Food

* Worm Gobbler

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Worm Food

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