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|| News Item: Posted 1998-12-05

Airline Carry-On Restrictions
By Robert Hanashiro

Combined baggage allowance: checked AND carry-on:

*3 pieces checked and no carry-on.
*2 pieces checked and one carry-on.
*1 piece checked and 2 carry-ons.

Checked bags size and weight allowance: the three bags may have total outside dimensions (length + width + height) of no more than 62", 55" and 45", respectively. Maximum weight per bag is 70 lbs. Carry-on baggage allowance: maximum of 2 carry-on bags. A briefcase or garment bag is considered one of the allowed pieces. Bags must fit in an overhead compartment or under the seat and should not exceed total dimensions of 9" x 13" x 23".

Checked: accepts a maximum of three bags free of charge. Baggage may not exceed 70 lbs. and not exceed the following limitations: 1st bag 62", 2nd bag 55", 3rd bag 45" (length + height + width). Items over size limitations or in excess of 70 lbs. up to 100 lbs. will be charged an excess baggage fee. Items in excess of 100 lbs. must be shipped as air cargo.

Carry-on: you may carry on two items. Each item must fit easily in a sizer unit (approximately 22" x 14" x 9"). You'll still be able to bring a purse (man's or woman's) in addition to your two carry-on items.

Maximum number of pieces: 3; carried as follows:

*3 Checked 0 carry-on
*2 Checked 1 carry-on
*1 Checked 2 carry-on

Weight Limit: not exceed 70 lbs per piece; size limits (measured in linear inches, total length+width+height) 1st bag not to exceed 62 inches, 2nd bag not to exceed 55 inches and the 3rd bag not to exceed 45 inches.

Feb. 2, 1998, Southwest Airlines began strictly enforce the two-item limit for carry-on baggage and on heavily booked flights (which is most of their flights!), carry-on items may be further restricted. Maximum size for a carry-on is 10" x 16" x 24".

These items are permitted aboard and DO NOT COUNT toward the carry-on limit:
* purses of reasonable size
* coats and other outer garments
* small cameras (which was explained to me as basically point & shoots)
* food items for onboard consumption;
* approved child-restraint devices which have been ticketed
* assistive devices for the disabled

These items are also permitted aboard, but DO count toward the carry-on limit:
* briefcases
* computer bags/cases
* shopping bags
* backpacks
* portfolio cases
* delicate, stowable items such as musical instruments of reasonable size
* papoose-like baby carriers with hard, non-folding frames, and unapproved child-restraint devices.

Southwest allows three free checked pieces, with size limitations of 80 linear inches and must weigh less than 70 pounds.

Checked: allows 2 pieces of checked baggage, maximum weight of each bag may not exceed 70 lbs. Total dimensions may not exceed 62 inches for each bag. No bags may be checked as excess between Nov. 15 through Jan.15. Carry-on: allows a maximum of two carry-on bags. Exceptions include assistive devices, coats, and umbrellas. No other exceptions will be permitted. Maximum dimensions for carry-on bags is 10" wide x 16" high x 24" long. Baby strollers, briefcases, laptop computers, purses, etc. will be considered one of the two allowed pieces.

Carry-on: allowed two carry-on items on United Airlines flights within the U.S. The first item must be no larger than 22"x14" x9". If the item is a garment bag, it must be no thicker than 9" folded over. Wider, taller or unusually sized bags must be checked. The second item, like a briefcase or laptop computer, must be no larger than 18" x 14" x 8".

Checked: UAL permits two pieces of checked baggage free of charge, the first bag may have linear dimensions (length + width + height) of up to 62" and the second bag cannot exceed 55 linear inches. The weight for each bag cannot exceed 70 pounds.

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