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|| News Item: Posted 1998-10-21

Rant of the Month. Fox Sucks!
By Robert Hanashiro

Attitude is everything.

But the Fox Network's "in your face" attitude has been carried too far and has damaged and hindered the way we work.

While I am not naive enough to think that a tv network can't or won't control the "product" (what Fox owner Rupert Murdoch likes to refer to his holdings, in this case, the World Series) . But with the just completed Series, Fox has taken that tv verses newspaper war to new heights.

Last minute camera placements disrupting still photo positions, Fox Sports regional cable outlets being allowed the same "privileges" as the network (like running onto the field blocking our view) and misuse of credentials are just a few of my personal gripes.

The day before the start of the NLCS in Atlanta, Gene Blythe of the Ap discovered that Fox had taken over the work room newspapers were to use to edit and transmit. When told of this fact, a Fox producer told him basically to get lost and find another room!

It's the case of the tail wagging the dog, as usual. But in this case the dog is the Major League Baseball.

Not everything was anti-stills. The sound dish operators I worked next to in Atlanta and San Diego during the NLCS were nice and cooperative and tried not to block our view of home plate. And at the end of Game 4 of the Series, there wasn't an over kill of hand-held tv cameras in our way.

But I am tired of hearing that line tv likes to give us: "we PAID (enter inflated figure here) for this game!"

I'm sorry, but you paid for the RIGHTS to televise the game, NOT control, set-up and hinder the journalist coverage of a news event.

Hey Rupert: less attitude and more cooperation would lessen the tension between the two mediums and MAYBE you'll get some respect.

But I doubt it.


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