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|| News Item: Posted 1998-10-21

Digital News & Notes
By Robert Hanashiro

Dennis Walker's ApViewer/PhotoMechanic is now available in a release version, 1.2r3. This substitute for the Kodak acquire module for the DCS520/D2000, DCS3 and NC2000 digital cameras allows users to view, set color balance, crop, caption and compress files. All within this single application.

No need to open or even use Adobe's PhotoShop ... unless you need to do major color correction or other image manipulation.

USA TODAY has been using ApViewer since the SuperBowl in January. And for use in the field (i.e. at a sports or news event), ApViewer rocks!

The trouble with the early Kodak acquire modules has been its need for a lot of RAM. Recent Kodak modules have lessen the need for 60-80 megs of RAM, but not relying on PhotoShop at all makes ApViewer a more stable solution to working in the field.

For those using Windoze, you'll have to wait a bit, it is currently only available for Macs. But Dennis promises a PC version soon. To read more about ApViewer/PhotoMechanic or download a demo, take a look at the Camera Bits web site:
* * *
Below is a note from Don Emmert of AFP regarding a problem with the DCS520/ D2000 that both he and Reuters had recently at Yankee game. Nasty problem.

The offending equipment were 6 inch antennas transmitting TV sound in the UHF range, probably. Several mounted above and below the dugout roof. I went through hell last night at the Yankees game and thought I'd share the experience with you so that you might try to avoid similar problems in the future.

After sending a disk to Herry with the opening homer by the Yankees I got a page to the darkroom. Being unable to contact the darkroom for a couple innings I got an alpha page which said all the images on my first disk were unusable do to blue noise. This was hard to believe because the images from Tuesday night were very nice.

After trying other disks and having the same problems I formatted and tried another test. For this test I was caught in between innings away from my position and forced to shoot a few frames about 30 feet from my normal spot. I shot seven frames of the Yanks pitcher before the inning ended and I moved back to the position that I was assigned to shoot from for the evening. I shot another ten or fifteen pictures of batters etc. and shipped the disk to Herry. He paged me back
and said that everything was bad on it.

Then about ten minutes later he paged again after having a closer look and said the first seven images were without noise and the rest had the same herringbone noise pattern as the
earlier disks.

The only difference in the test shots was the position I made them from. After scratching my head for a few minutes a turned around to find several (5) NBC TV antennas on the top of the dugout that were being used to transmit their sound.

When we got back to the darkroom though we inspected his disks and found similar noise on some of his shots but not to the same degree. This noise pattern did not show up on the preview on the camera back or on the large contact in the Kodak plugin. It did show up though when previewed on large in the kodak plugin.

* * *

And speaking of the Kodak acquire module, the latest version, v5.5.6 TWAIN and v5.5.9 for Macs, has been released and can be downloaded from their web site. This PhotoShop plugin is for the DCS3, AP/NC2000, DCS520/D2000 and other professional digital cameras. To download the free acquire module, you must first register on Kodak's download site:

* * *

As always, for the latest in digital photography, turn to Rob Galbraith's wonderful website:

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