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|| News Item: Posted 1998-10-21

What Glows and What Blows
By Robert Hanashiro

(notes form the Playoffs and World Series).

Glows: The Padres' fabulous World Series gala held on the deck of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. Shrimp, oysters on the half-shell, steaks, a 25 yard long sushi bar, live music and the rich and famous.

Blows: The Yankees hospitality which consisted of Kentucky Fired Chicken, white fish, boiled hotdogs and Hormel chili.

Blows: The Hilton in mid-town Manhattan where the room rate was $300 plus tax, $35 a night to park your car and a 40 minute drive to Yankee Stadium that included paying $7.00 in bridge tolls.

Glows: The Hilton in Mission Valley where the room rate was $139 plus tax, $6 a night to park your car and was a 5 minute drive to Qualcomm Stadium.

Glows: San Diego Union-Tribune photographer Sean M. Haffy's photography during the Playoffs and Series.

Blows: The New York Times' baseball collection...6 very mediocre images that they are selling for $3,000 and promoting in half-page ads. Believe me, they all suck.

Blows: New York photographer(s) who fouled the john in the Ap member trailer at The Q that did not have working plumbing and where Sports Illustrated was set up to edit and transmit.

Glows: Working along side the always funny and interesting Peggy Peattie of the Union-Trib.

Glows: The loud, towel waving Padres fans at Qualcomm Stadium that gave their team a 10 minute standing ovation after Game 4, despite getting swept four straight.

Blows: The obnoxious Yankee fans who dumped beer on photographers working in the outfield shooting positions.

Glows: AC/DC's "Hells Bells" cranked up to top volume at Qualcomm Stadium when Padre closer Trevor Hoffman enters a game. It even scares me!

Blows: "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" played to death between innings at Yankee Stadium and The Ted in Atlanta. What the hell is a "jiggy" anyway???

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