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|| News Item: Posted 1998-10-21

The Quest for 62
By Amy Sancetta, Associated Press

At least at the plate, (home run) #61 made better photos than #62. For #61, McGwire, catcher Scott Servais, and the home plate ump seemed to be frozen at the plate forever watching that ball.... the pictures of that moment could have been taken in 1998 or in 1928. I got a chill all over shooting it.

#62 was hit very fast. I think McGwire thought it was a double at best...he hit it and took off running like a player trying to beat out an infield grounder. I must say though that his playful romp around the bases after

#62 was something I'll remember forever. The first base coach pointing him back to tag the base looked like any coach counseling a little leaguer in proper base running. It as joyous and giddy and just plain fun-something very lacking in today's professional athletics.

#62 between the actual swing and the antics at first was so fast, I spent the rest of the evening wondering what I had shot. I was shooting digital with a 400/2.8 vertically, and fired a remote film camera horizontally with a 500/4 on a remote foot switch. I had to look at the film counter on the remote camera to see that I had indeed stepped on the pedal.

When I talked with our other shooters after the game, they said the same thing. Ed Reinke (of the Ap) said it was not until McGwire rounded first and Ed's dit camera stopped firing in order to acquire the images already shot that he realized he had fired 13 frames between home and first.

Eric Draper (of the Ap) and I were both surprised to learn that there was a massive fireworks display as McGwire finished his run...we were both so keyed in to what we were shooting.

Needless to say, the stretch between home runs #60 and #62 comprised some of the most thrilling sports moments I've ever covered.

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