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|| News Item: Posted 2013-07-06

I'm an Angel?!

By Matt Brown

Photo by Michael Goulding

Photo by Michael Goulding

Angels team photographer, Matt Brown.
I don't know where to start. My baseball season starts when my Titans take the field in February so when I got the call that the Angels wanted to sit down and talk about the team photographer job I was floored. I've never had an employer.

I have always been a freelance photographer. I never thought about the Angels job or shooting for a professional team. After talking with Angels President John Carpino, Vice President Tim Mead and Director of Communications Eric Kay I knew I was sold. I could go into all the boring details about meetings and contracts and make it a long story. The short story is it was easy. My wife was all a - go which made the move a lot easier because I knew I would be working long hours to get this project off the ground.

For this new job I only wanted one guy to help me get this project started, Jordan Murph. The kid knows his stuff and has enough energy to keep up with me. Our responsibility was to create a photo archive for the club, daily game action, as well as manage a photo blog. But most importantly was to make historical images for the organization.

I talked with the LA Dodgers Team Photographer Jon Soohoo for advice. Jon has 20 plus years under his belt as the Dodger team photographer and busts his butt at his job. There's no better guy to ask for advise about this topic.

I've been a college team photographer since 1996 and the differences are massive. Dealing with 18-22 years olds is one thing, dealing with a man with a $200 million contract is another thing.

My first day was on Easter morning. I boarded a bus at the stadium, then a charter plane at LAX to Cincinnati for Opening Day. No Spring training, no meet and greets, just a trust it would all work out. Being thrown into the fire, so to speak was exciting.

The players have been great. I knew Jared Weaver and Jason Vargas from Long Beach State, when I was the team photographer then, the rest were all new faces. Sure I knew who Josh Hamilton, Mike Trout or Albert Pujols were.

I just never worked with them day in day out. I didn't shoot an Angels game last year so there were a lot of new faces to match with names. I wanted to get to know the guys on a more personal level so they would be more comfortable around me, since I was going to be shooting them constantly up close and personal. I knew Howie Kendrick was a shutterbug so striking up a conversation was easy with him.

(I featured Howie in a one of our first Angels’ photo blog posts:

Jordan and I got an office and started an archive for the team to make life easy for everyone. We put in 12 hours days for the first couple of weeks to get a ground floor.

I've missed a couple of my kids school plays and an open house. The hours will get shorter as everything gets fully operational. Cal State Fullerton has been very understanding with me spending so much time with the big club, a couple of the baseball players have ribbed me a little for missing a few games at the end of the season.

My Cal State Fullerton baseball season recently ended with Saturday night loss to UCLA in the NCAA Super Regional, my Angel baseball season has 100 more games still in the bucket.

You can read the Matt Brown’s blog about the Los Angeles Angels season at this link:; you can view more of his work at his Sports Shooter member page:

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