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|| News Item: Posted 2013-05-09

What’s The Apps?
Sports Shooter members list their favs

By Nic Coury

Photo by Nic Coury

Photo by Nic Coury

ShakeItPhoto & Rage Faces
(Editor’s Note: The Sports Shooter Newsletter asked members what are the mobile apps that they love, hate or think are just plain cool.)

Here is my list of a couple of apps that I like and use regularly:

ShakeItPhoto - The Polaroid App - $0.99
I really miss Polaroids. They were instant, fun and just plain cool. Not to mention, the color actually looked pretty good and if shot well, you could make a neat image. I may have missed them so much, I searched the app store for a Polaroid app. I honestly don’t remember, but this is my favorite photo app bar none and it was only a dollar. The colors are pretty spot on to real Polaroids and the images are sharp and well defined and it makes takes goofy iPhone photos not so goofy...

Rage Faces - Way Cooler Emoticons - Free
I text like a fiend, but I sure hate the smiley faces and silly, shorthand text talk, but all you readers who browse Reddit will recognize this app. These faces are very fitting to any feeling you can think up and give a great addition to an already awkward conversation—at least in my case... There is really no point in this app, but it’s fun.

Nic Coury is a staff photographer at the Monterey County Weekly. You can see examples of his work at his Sports Shooter member page:

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