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|| News Item: Posted 2013-05-09

What’s The Apps?
Sports Shooter members list their favs

By Mike Blake

(Editor’s Note: The Sports Shooter Newsletter asked members what are the mobile apps that they love, hate or think are just plain cool.)

In the past few months I have gone from an antiquated blackberry phone, to a Galaxy 3, and now an iPhone5.

Our company was switching providers so it was a good chance to look at the two main options … Android and IOS.
The Galaxy is a better phone, bigger screen, better battery, but I do not think Android is a better operating system…

So I’m coming at this from “The App Store” as they have now trademarked the name. Let’s hope the Supreme Court does not let them Trademark our genes … but that’s a whole other story …

OK, App I use:

Photo by
Instagram - The greatest picture distribution network ever built ( follow me, msk8blake).
Flipboard - The time … an easy way to consume your feeds.
The New York Times - Pay them, it’s worth it a thousand times over.
Google Maps - Because Apple maps are not even good enough for a scout .
Twitter - I tweet very little , but I follow feeds.
GoPro - GoPro Hero3 black camera is amazing ( except for the battery)
The Score - For sports scores , live and up to the minute .
Reuters - It’s better than it was but they still are not crediting photographers for the images.
Bing, Google, Yahoo – For web searching.
Eventful - Is a good entertainment app for what is going on around you.
Pro Camera - I thank Bobby Galbraith for showing me this app … manual controls for your iPhone camera …
Passnfly - just testing it out and really not sure if it will get to stay …
Starbucks - I don’t like coffee, but it’s a good app to give you a location on a close place to xmit your pixs from when you’re out and about.
Wider Image ( iPad) - This is a pure Reuters photo app … it’s design is horrid, but it’s a great showcase for our photography… we have some amazing photographers around the globe and are pretty much to shoot anything.

Just Deleted:
The Masters App – Very good.
NCAA App for basketball - Also very good.

Mike Blake is a staff photographer with Reuters based in Southern California. You can see example of his work at his Sports Shooter member page:

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