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|| News Item: Posted 2013-05-09

What’s The Apps?
Sports Shooter members list their favs

By Vincent Laforet

(Editor’s Note: The Sports Shooter Newsletter asked members what are the mobile apps that they love, hate or think are just plain cool.)

Photo by Vincent Laforet

Photo by Vincent Laforet
Sunseeker is an app that has changed the way I scout for both film and photography. Basically the app combines your phone's compass, GPS data, accelerometer with your phone's camera and allows you to have a "live" view of the sun's path no matter where you are. Sunseeker is an outstanding tool when you need to know exactly when the sun will break through that window tomorrow so that you can: A) make use of it for a gorgeous shot or B) avoid shooting during that time so that you don't have to "fight" that light...

This is a tool that I use literally on every single scout for commercial work where I need to plan out the locations I'm going to shoot based on time of day and where the light will be at anyone time. I tend to go to each of my locations (often after a scout has been there) and plan my shoot out based on the best time of day for each location.

Now I in fact ask scouts to e-mail me the pictures of each location with the sun overlay straight out of the app. Seeing a great location is one thing... knowing that in the winter for example that wonderful skyline angle will ALWAYS be backlit during the entire day is a good thing to know before you commit to it...

This is a great tool for photographer and filmmakers. The only thing you need to be careful about is that you need to stay away from metal when you use it as the compass can get fooled - ergo at times you can't use it accurately from a moving car... But if you need to line up a sunrise pretty darn well with a building or something the next morning (or further in the future) this is the app for you.

Below is a link to the app and an image from a scout I did in Shanghai and the resulting shot once I re-adjusted my position (to the left) to line up the sunrise the following morning. And the resulting video:

Vincent Laforet is a Los Angeles – based filmmaker and photographer. His Sports Shooter member page link:

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