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|| News Item: Posted 1998-09-12

Travel Tips: Don't hit the Road Without a Baggage Cart
By Captain Ron

Does this sound familiar?

"Dude! Whatta great job you've got. You get to travel and take pictures at all the big sporting events."

Or: "I'd kill to have your job, with all that glamour, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous."

And we've all heard: "Free food! Man that's great, they feed you!"

Well you and I both know the reality of the situation is a lot tougher.

Expensive last minute plane tickets, no first class upgrade space available, restrictive carry on baggage rules, x-ray scanners that you could cook a pizza with, outrageous rental car rates, do I take the CDW or not? Over priced hotel rooms, digital phone lines with enough voltage to fry your modem to a crisp. The list goes on and on.

Well try to relax, because I, Capt. Ron want to try and make your life a little bit easier. Each month, I'll address a particular travel issue.

Let's start with the single most IMPORTANT travel accessory you can own. Something that I never travel without: a folding baggage cart.

Now I've tried about a dozen different carts, over the last 10 years and for one reason or another they failed to do the job. Poor materials, shoddy construction, bad design, to heavy, or to light, etc. etc.

For the business we're in, and to carry the loads we do, only one cart will do. The REMIN Tri Kart A Bag 800.

This baby is loaded. It sports big hard rubber tires, with good bearings, capable of handling loads up to 300 lbs. A fold out rear set of wheels to balance the load. This is a really nice feature because you can put a Lightware case crossways on the base plate and turn the cart into a shooting dolly!

Steel stair climber rods on the backside make going up and down stair wells a snap. Two double bungee cord are built in, and do a nice job of keeping things from falling off.

THIS CART WORKS! You can get them mail order from Robert's Distributors at a pretty good discount, or pay FULL LIST at any BIG luggage store in a mall.

When you buy one, be sure to get the model with the bike handle bars. If your store doesn't have one, you can send the cart to:

4830 Calle Alto, #T
Camario, CA 93012
And, they can install one for around $15.00

(Capt. Ron is goofy guy who writes for us after he enjoys a BBQ meal).

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