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|| News Item: Posted 2013-01-11

Remembering 2012 - George Bridges
Finding fun in the sun

By George Bridges

Photo by George Bridges

Photo by George Bridges
Like many who have been doing the photo gig for a long time I still have fun on assignments, but almost always have preconceived notions going in on how I’m going to shoot.

Sure, a football game (or any sport for that matter) is an ever-changing beast, but I know what lenses I’m carrying, where I want to position myself in certain situations and who I need to focus on.

It’s rare I find myself in a situation where I really have no clue what to expect, or how to shoot it. This summer I put myself in such a place and had a blast doing so. Though I’ve never done any SCUBA diving, I’ve always wanted to try underwater photography. Back in the film days I always looked longingly at the Nikonos cameras and lenses in catalogs and thought “What if?”

Going on vacation this year to Puerto Rico I decided I would try snorkeling and some underwater pics. I had another trip less than a week before vacation so from the airport on a Friday I called Jody Grober at Roberts and ordered up a Nikon AW100 point & shoot with the caveat – it had to arrive on Monday because I was leaving on vacation Tuesday.

When we got to the resort the water was perfect, there was coral right off the beach and plenty of fish, sea urchins, conchs and even one octopus I spied hiding under a rock.

Having no clue what I was doing it was just simply diving under with a snorkel and mask trying to get something. I had no idea what the results would look like but each time I came back up for air I would look at the camera screen, make adjustments to the settings, maybe turn on the fill flash and dive back under for another go.

It was liberating because I was learning something new, and honestly I didn’t care what the results were because there was no assignment or deadline riding on it. Most of all, I was enjoying the most fun with photography I had in all of 2012.

George Bridges is a staff photographer and picture editor for the McClatchy/Tribune Picture Service. Check out his work at:

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