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|| News Item: Posted 2013-01-11

End of the year notes from 2012

By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter Newsletter

Photo by Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro

Does secretly wishing for a Giants loss in Detroit make you a bad person?
Some observations through the haze from the past year:

- Just because you have your sports photos for sale for $49.95 at Costco doesn’t mean you can post on your Facebook page that you’ve made it as a professional sports shooter.

- Was it wrong for this life-long San Francisco Giants fan to secretly wish for a loss in Detroit so they could win the World Series at home … so I could cover it?

- With some professional sports looking for even more “revenue steams” and putting company logos on just about everything … when is Larry Flint going to get into the action? Love to see the “Hustler” name on an MLS jersey or in a stadium/arena naming rights deal! (Can you imagine what the mascot would be?)

- Headline I’d love to have read: Payton Manning for President.

- Los Angeles professional sports just can’t buy a championship. (Lakers - $103,365,744; Angels - $154,940,524; Dodgers - $93,686,077 … and USC football doesn’t count.)

- When the NBA was locked out in 2011 it was the end of the earth as we know it. What does it say about the NHL when after several months of going dark, news about the labor talks barely make the top of the “Sports Briefs” column?

- How long will it be until the AP turns its Invision business model to sports?

- Five Favorite Flicks you should check out on DVD if you missed them: 1) Searching For Sugarman 2) The Imposter 3) Safety Not Guaranteed 4) Moonrise Kingdom 5) Ballplayer: Pelotero

- Favorite Taniwaki-ism: “You know, when in Rome, do what the Romans do ... Eat more noodles.”

- Best bowl of noodles in 2012: Ramen Yamada in Westwood.

- Ok, I admit it, I got hooked on “Storage Wars” during 2012 …

- Best purchase of the year: A Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless camera with 2 lenses… opps maybe I should rethink think since the price DROPPED 65 PERCENT seven months after I bought it? (Still love the camera though.)

Photo by

Taniwaki-ism of the year: When in Rome ...
- Favorite photo shoot of the year: A portrait session with Bill Murray during the Toronto International Film Festival where not happy with my setup, went into the hotel room bathroom, donned the bathrobe, grabbed the hair dryer and then wrapped a couple of my strobe cables around his neck… This is the guy who played FDR in his latest movie?

- Annual (and forever) Thanks To:
* Matt Brown, Myung Chun, Shawn Cullen, Rod Mar, Christy Radecic, Wally Skalij, John McDonough, Sean Haffey, Nikon Professional Services, Samy’s Camera, PocketWIzard, Think Tank Photo, liveBooks, Honl Photo and Orbis for your help, dedication and support with the Sports Shooter workshops.

* To my “Rabi” Bob Deutsch and “Miyagi-San” Ron Taniwaki for their consul and keeping me sane for another year.

* To my trusted assistant Rafael Augstin Delgado who saved my back and my ass on countless occasions.

* Brad, Grover, Burf and Joe for keeping things going at (We have lots of cool things in the works folks!)

* Special thanks and appreciation to USA TODAY for another year on staff and allowing me to continue work on Sports Shooter and the workshops … not to mention helping me pay for a college tuition!

* And lastly to Deanna and Emma …without them I couldn’t do any of this…

* * *

For this (long-delayed) issue of the Sports Shooter Newsletter I asked several Sports Shooter members and newsletter contributors to write stories looking back at 2012, the highlights, the lowlights and what they learned in the past year. Thanks to Brad Mangin, Tim Mantoani, Trent Nelson, Hannah Foslien, Nic Coury, Sam Morris, Jonathan Daniel, George Bridges, Gary Miller and James Madelin.

In the “desk clearing” section, we have a couple of cool stories: Nic Coury recounts working the other side of the MLB Playoffs in Oakland and Brian Blanco talks politics … or rather covering politics.

We will again be holding an educational event the day before the Sports Shooter Academy X workshop in late February. We have some details about this very cool program.

* * *

On the Kindel are the new Harry Bosch novel from Michael Connelly “The Black Box” and I recently finished “American Assassin” Vince Flynn’s latest Mitch Rapp story. (If you like the movie “Argo” and “Zero Dark Thirty” then you should check out the Flynn/Rapp series.)

And what’s blasting out of my speakers as I write this: “Van Morrison Born To Sing: No Plan B” … at 67 he’s still got it.

As always, special thanks to: Deanna & Emma Hanashiro, Brad Mangin, Grover Sanschagrin, Joe Gosen and Jason Burfield.

Thanks this month to contributors: Jonathan Daniel, Trent Nelson, George Bridges, Hannah Foslein, Nic Coury, Tim Mantoani, Sam Morris, James Madelin, Gary Miller and Brian Blanco.

The comments, opinions and other perceived nutty statements that the writers may have expressed, implied, imagined or made up are theirs and theirs alone. Sports Shooter, Inc. and published these articles in good faith with the purpose of education and inspiration. Permission in writing must be obtained from Sports Shooter, Inc. and the author of the article before being reprinted. Comments, corrections, suggestions and contributions are appreciated. Please e-mail me at

The Sports Shooter Archives, as well as tons of cool resources and information, can be accessed at

For information about the Sports Shooter Academy go to the workshops website at: and at Facebook:

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