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|| News Item: Posted 2012-06-08

MultiMAX out your Games
By Patrick Clow

LPA Design / PocketWizard has made a few special MultiMAX announcements in preparation for the 2012 Olympics in London.

The Olympic Games are probably the most challenging remote camera events, like, ever. Vincent Laforet captured the chaos at this clicky:

Photo by

PocketWizard MultiMAX

Veteran Olympic photo-warriors rely on hardwiring, and really you can’t beat it, but sometimes you need to use a radio. We have made some serious efforts to dramatically improve MultiMAX reliability in mega multi-user environments.

1. Multiuser Firmware. There is a new USB-capable MultiMAX firmware coming to beta very soon. It is written primarily for major sporting events like the Olympics. It has a special new feature called Patterns.

Patterns help when there are multiple photographers triggering on the same frequency. If your triggers overlap with another photographer’s, neither of your remote cameras will fire. There can be multiple Custom IDs triggering on the same frequency at very large sporting events. Your Custom ID will prevent someone else from triggering your camera, but it won’t prevent someone else from stepping on your trigger signal and potentially canceling out the triggers.

When you press and hold TEST on your MultiMAX, repeated triggers are being sent at a steady pace. Patterns help keep repeating triggers from overlapping and dramatically reduce the possibility of canceling each other out on the same frequency. Patterns are only helpful for remote camera triggering. They are not helpful for remote flash triggering.

This firmware is in internal beta testing (which is going very well!) and will be released to public beta within days. Pairing Patterns with Long Range Mode should bring a whole new level of reliability to remote camera triggering. The more folk using this firmware, the more that will be successfully simultaneously triggering.

To use this firmware you need a …
2. USB MultiMAX. The upgrade program for Custom ID holders has been resurrected here:

3. More visibility! We are building out a wiki page for multi-user environments, known internally as my “Olympics Manifesto,” here:

There will be actual PocketWizard people at the Olympics for the first time since 1996. Patrick Clow and Ian Ray will be stationed at Fixations for your PocketWizard questions, but don’t wait to get there to ask! Contact PocketWizard ASAP with your MultiMAX needs:

As always, Custom IDs are recommended. More info on them can be found at the wiki and upgrade links above.

As we develop more multi-user information, we will post it around. Most likely you’ll see it first on our Facebook page: but the wiki page above is a great thing to bookmark.

Patrick Clow is the Technical Support Manager for LPA Designs, the makers of PocketWizard products.

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