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|| News Item: Posted 2011-10-14

My Burning Man Outing by the Numbers
By Rafael Agustin Delgado

(Editors Note: Rafael participated in his first-ever Burning Man, the week-long arts festival/rave/hippie gathering in the desert in northern Nevada, He wrote about his preparation for Burning Man in the September issue of the Sports Shooter Newsletter.)

Photo by Rafael Agustin Delgado

Photo by Rafael Agustin Delgado

Miles to Black Rock City from Pasadena, CA: 657.8 miles via my route
Highways I enjoyed on this outing: 8
The highways enjoyed on this outing: 210, 5, 99, 80, 49, 20, 80, 447

Days I went without a shower: 4
Days I went without tradition plumbing: 4
Days I was thankful for baby wipes: 4

Days I was happy it did not go pass 100+ degrees: 4
Days I went without a Jim Colburn comment: 5
Degrees of the hottest day I experienced: 98 degrees, an odd year as well
Sand storms I experienced: 0 an odd year I was told
Times I was offered PCP: 3
Times I decline the same offer: 3

Times I was asked to “party“: 7
Times I responded, “care to discover God?”: 5
best advice ever Times I was offered punch: 6
Bottles of Sailor Jerry consumed by our camp: 3
Bottles of Seagrams 7 consumed by our camp: 3
Times I bought ice from center camp: 0
Times I wish I had ice from center camp many: 7

Times I used the gas mask that fits my beard: 0
Times I went on a sky diving plane with sky divers: 1
Times I have jumped out of a working plane: 0 my preference for sure
Sky diving shoots harness I tried for a proper fit: 5
Sky diving harness that actually fits my frame: 1 of course
Massive wedgie from the sky diving harness: 1 massive one
Times I floated in mid air on the return flight: 3
Photo by Rafael Agustin Delgado

Photo by Rafael Agustin Delgado

Times my cameras floated higher than me on the same flight: 3
Times I thought I was going to throw up on the plane ride back: 5 at least
Times I threw up on the plane ride back from jump: 0 since I didn’t eat before
Bikes I brought into Black Rock City: 2
Bikes I left with from Black Rock City: 3 helping a fellow Orphan member
Nose bleeds I endured during Burning Man: 0 no clue how I achieved this one
Nights I saw shooting stars: 4 every night
Gallons of water I brought: 79 gallons
Gallons of water I actually used: 7 gallons
Gallons of water I consumed a day: 1.5 gallons
Back packers pantry meals I cooked: 3
Canned pears I enjoyed: 9
Times I wish there was a Lucky Boy camp at Burning Man: many
Days I enjoyed a siesta break: 4 each day
Monkey huts I assembled: 2 mine and a buddies hut
RV, Trailers and Campers: Way too many
Miles I biked at Burning Man: Many
Hugs I received: Quite a bunch
Comments about the beard: A bunch as well as usual
Comments about the Rolleiflex: About 30, I stopped counting
Nights I wished the techno dance beats would end: 4 every night
Kilts I saw: 20 or so
Artist installations I thought were bad ass: 16
Bikes trashed thanks to the playa sand: 1 mined for sure
Bikes Sport Chalet will be rebuilding soon :1 mined for sure
Bikes Sport Chalet will charge me for repairs: 0 got to enjoy some perks
Hours it took to enter Burning Man: 5
Hours it took to exit Burning Man: 4.5 worst than Dodgers
Hours it took to get to Reno during the exodus: 7
Miles Reno: 117 yes this part of the drive blew
Photo by Rafael Agustin Delgado

Photo by Rafael Agustin Delgado

Cameras I packed for Burning Ma:n 6
Cameras I used at Burning Man: 2 – a DSLR and a Rolleiflex
Days I went without shooting a single frame: 1.5
Days I carried the cameras: 3.5
Lenses used at Burning Man: 3 lenses –17-35, 50, 85
Lenses I wished I had packed: 1 telephoto
Cameras CPS will be cleaning: 1
CF cards filled: 3

Medium format rolls of film I shot at Burning Man: 12
Visits to Media Mecca during Burning Man: 3
Visits to Media Mecca since they were out of media tags: 2
Visits to media Mecca to charge batteries: 1
Fellow members I ran into at Media Mecca: 1-Jim Urquhart from SLC
Times I was awaken to a naked women on trampoline: 4 every morning
European models on Segways: 6
Nudist it takes to set up and break down the camp next to mine: 3
Female nudist in the camp next to mine: 0 unfortunately
Male nudist in the camp next to mine: 3 unfortunately
Bad-ass burnings I experienced: 3 – horse, man, temple
Times I was glad I was wearing Nomex: 3
Burning Mans before this outing: 0
Burning Mans after this outing: 1
Times I will be returning to Burning Man: Every year possible
Memories I have from Burning Man: Plenty to hold till 2012

You can view Rafael Agustin Delgado’s work on his Sports Shooter member page: and his website

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