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|| News Item: Posted 2011-08-31

The Big Drobo Win! Contest helps school with archiving hardware

By Matt Brown

Photo by Matt Brown

Photo by Matt Brown

After winning the Drobo contest, it took his two younger sons and Matt Brown three loads to get all of the Drobos in the house and then into his office.
On May 24 I received an email from Kevin Epstein about a Drobo contest, giving away 100 Drobos. All you had to do was create a simple video, photo collage, written essay or other creative presentation of your idea and post it publicly on YouTube, Facebook, or a blog by midnight May 31.

Sounded easy.

As the team photographer and videographer at Cal State Fullerton, photo archiving has been added to my list of things to do at the school. My partner in crime at Cal State Fullerton Mike Greenlee, aka, "Assistant Sports Information Director" we have had very long talks about getting our 50 years of sports photos scanned in and keywords placed into a photo archives.

We have photos stacked in boxes that have never seen the light of day. Mike and I have talked about getting a grant or funding from someone or someplace to help with the cost of archiving the photos. I work with a great group of people at Cal State Fullerton, the three guys in the Sports Information Office, Mel Franks, Jason Spencer and Mike, are the best in the nation. With the way the California State budget is going and how much Cal State Fullerton is tied to it, the chance to win and help build up the archive was the answer we were looking for.

So after telling Mike about the Drobo contest I went to work on making the video. The video was posted on YouTube and made public for all to see on their company website for the public to vote. I watched all the video's one day and a lot of people had great reasons to want the Drobo's for their needs.

Mike went to work on getting the word out from a Cal State Fullerton point of view. We have a massive mailing list and I believed it help. I did believe we had a great cause and was hoping the Cal State Fullerton community was going to help us win 100 Drobos.

Halfway through the contest Drobo added and nice twist to the vote, they were going to randomly pick people who voted and give them a Drobo too. As the days went by I would run into people saying they voted and wished me luck. Friends and family passed the word along and after a month had passed it was about time to find out the winner.

On June 22 I got an email from Kevin Epstein VP Marketing for Drobo saying that it came down to a four-way tie and we were one of the winners. Not 100, we would split the win and receive 25 Drobo's. Everyone who voted for us was thrilled and we were pleased to be receiving part of the prize for our cause.

On August 4 a massive Conway truck pulled into the neighborhood dropped off a pallet of Drobo's. It took my two younger sons and me three loads to get it all in the house and then into my office. 25 Drobo's made their presents felt in the office, 100 would have filled it. Three people who voted for us also won. My good friend Jordan Murph in Hawaii received his first Drobo, long time Sports Illustrated photographer and good friend John McDonough and Mindy Reeves who helps with stats at Cal State Fullerton games all received a Drobo.

I would like to thank Drobo for having an amazing contest that helped so many people in a real positive way. The contest made a huge impact on me and Cal State Fullerton we are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this movement and lucky to have received a piece of the prize.

(Matt Brown in a freelance photographer based in Southern California. He is the co-founder of the Sports Shooter Academy workshops. You can see samples of his work at his Sports Shooter member page: )

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