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|| News Item: Posted 2011-08-07

What’s The Apps? Sports Shooter members’ iPhone favs Cyclemeter, Tunein Radio

By Robert Scheer, Indianapolis Star

Most useful iPhone apps for work: BlueFire for voice recording in a pinch, GPS Drive for mapping, and my current favorite: Cyclemeter. Huh?

Photo by

Since I bought my iPhone a couple of months ago, I've used Cyclemeter for cycling and hiking. It maps my exercise routes and tells me how many miles I go and if I am faster or slower than yesterday's trip. The other day I figured, why not use it for work?

Like most staff newspaper photographers, I turn in mileage periodically for reimbursement. With this app, I start it at the beginning of the workday, and stop it at the end. Every time I get in the car, it starts up again and keeps a running total of my route and map.

It's not perfect. Yesterday, Cyclemeter told me my fastest speed was 96mph. Not a chance, but I've checked the day's results against the odometer, and my totals have been the same. Gone are the days of jotting down mileage in a book, or going back through old assignments and figuring out where I went with Google maps.

Of course, if I have to walk a couple miles out on a golf course or something, I can turn the app off, so it doesn't add that distance to my total.

Best thing is, with my iPhone 4, Cyclemeter doesn't shut off when I make calls, check email, or listen to music.

Tunein Radio
Favorite non-work app: TuneIn Radio. Listening to hundreds of radio stations from all over the world, including my old campus station in Arcata, CA? How cool is that!

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