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|| News Item: Posted 2011-08-07

What’s The Apps? Sports Shooter members’ iPhone favs LightTrac, Tripit

By Eileen Blass, USA TODAY

So many apps, so little time. Don’t know how I managed without them for so long. Truthfully, I don’t need any of them, but they sure do make my life easier. Here’s a few I just can’t do without.

Photo by

Light Trac

One of my favorite iPhone/iPad apps is LightTrac. What a great tool for photographers. If I know I have a photo shoot outside, I’m thinking ahead about how I’ll handle the light, like what’s the angle of the sun at that time of day at that specific location, what time is sunset and sunrise. Not long ago I was out hunting for a feature along the winding roads of Lancaster County, PA. I found a spot I liked and entered the location into LightTrac. Scrolling the bar on the bottom that changed the time, I could see what the angle of the sun would be at any time of day including sunrise and sunset (moonrise too) for today, Wednesday of next week or the 12th of September 2012. Choose the map or the satellite view; choose the day, save the spot if you want to.

This screenshot from my iPad shows the Washington Monument. If I had to do a portrait there at golden hour today, the red line shows me the angle of the sun. It goes without saying, but I’ll play Captain Obvious anyway…ignore the shadow in the image as that’s a satellite image. Cloudy on the day of your shoot? Well, never mind.

Photo by


Another very helpful app is Tripit. I travel a lot, so when I book my travel arrangements and get my confirmation email, I forward my itinerary to Within seconds, my app is updated to show my flights, hotel and rental car arrangements for that particular trip. It’s all in one place, grouped by trip, and includes maps and driving directions. Trip arrangements are automatically imported into my calendar too and I can share my travel arrangements with colleagues who also have Tripit. So, if my co-workers and I are flying into the same event, we can share our itineraries easily without having to have the “what time do you get in” conversation. Here’s a screenshot of the Tripit app in the iTunes store.

A few other favs, the FCP Field Guide, Filterstorm, Spend, Goodreader and the USA TODAY app!

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