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|| News Item: Posted 2011-04-08

Perrine, Fallon Tops In Sports Portfolio Competition
By Sports Shooter Newsletter Staff

Photo by

Corey Perrine was named the winner of the first Sports Shooter Portfolio Competition.
Corey Perrine and Patrick Fallon were named the winners of the first Sports Shooter Portfolio Competition.

The portfolios of Perrine, on staff at the Augusta Chronicle and Fallon, a student at the University of Missouri, were selected out of 118 entries.

“I wanted to change up the Sports Shooter Annual Contest and thought the best way to select the top sports shooter was to judge them through a body of work,” said Robert Hanashiro.

“We had a wide variety of work submitted. Images from youth sports all the way through the Winter Olympics were part of the portfolio entries,” said Hanashiro, the founder of Sports Shooter.

For their winning entries Perrine and Fallon will receive Think Tank Airport International rolling camera bags.

To view videos from the judging of the finals of the Sports Shooter Portfolio Competition, go to the Sports Shooter Academy website:

The finals of the judging were held at the Wilshire Theater on the campus of Fullerton College. The judges for the finals included: Michael Goulding and Paul Rodriguez from the Orange County Register; Mark Boster of the Los Angeles Times; and Southern California freelance photographer Matt Brown.

Photo by

Patrick Fallon was named the winner of the first Student Sports Shooter Portfolio Competition.
“Thanks to Doug Murdoch and Brian Erwin from Think Tank for their continued support of Sports Shooter,” Hanashiro said, “And a special thanks to Fullerton College for opening their wonderful Wilshire Theater for us to conduct the judging.”

Judges comments on Corey Perrine’s winning entry:
“Overall some outstanding images. The portfolio I believe could have been made even stronger by making one last brutal edit to eliminate a few weak images. After eliminating the weak pictures you are left with a killer portfolio with images that make you laugh, like the hand holding the beer in the Redneck Games, and pictures that just grab you right away, like the baseball player catching the fly ball next to the mural—beautiful. (A note about placement: I would have lead with this photo—no sense in burying the lead!) In the end, photos like the motocross image, the basketball shot and the handicapped bowler picture allowed this portfolio to rise to the top.”

“I really liked the baseball outfielder photo and bowler in the wheelchair photo. I believe the wheelchair can be in your portfolio for years. With a tighter edit and it wins going away! I was happy to see no NFL, NBA and MLB photos in a portfolio. The winner got out and made photos from everyday events. I saw photos made from the winners’ portfolio not just taken. A solid take from a years work.”

“The pro portfolio was also a nice set of pictures. However it might have had too many pictures. It had a few weak ones that kind of pulled the really good ones down. And there were some really good ones. The beer can in the mud, a very unique view of basketball with flash and the highflying motorcycle to name just three. I think by entering the maximum number of pictures though it was harder for me to see this portfolio as the clear winner...edit tight. Five less pictures and it would have been a very strong showcase. Two other photographs really stayed with me, the simple beauty and graphics of the outfielder’s catch and body English lean of the wheelchair bowler shot from behind with that Hollywood-like bowling alley.”

Judges comments on Patrick Fallon winning entry:
“I loved the heck out of the softball photo—it just brings you into the game—and the selective focus of the close-up of the boxer was a great choice. The image of the kids training for the 5k showed me that the photographer was thinking creatively about how to make a different photo—making the viewer see in a different way. The photo story was probably the weakest part of the portfolio, but it held its own against the competition.”

“I really enjoy the way the winner got us into the photographs. The clean background on most the photos and great colors. The understanding of the lens to uses at the correct time. The two that standout are the softball and football. Most or all shooters don't have a wide angle around their neck when shooting softball. The yellow background and to the emotion of the football photo. The photo story was weak and need some work both the shooting and editing.”

“In this portfolio I really like the use of his wide angle. In both the tight boxing portrait and the softball picture he displayed a willingness to get right in there with the subjects. In the softball shot he was just another player in the celebration. On the other hand his story entry could have used a bigger variety of lenses. The composition in some of the pictures was another reason I liked this portfolio. It’s very easy for everything to fall into the center of the frame these days. Both the football celebration, the swimmer, the pitcher and even the wide-angle gym shot were stronger by have the active third somewhere other than the center.”

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