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|| News Item: Posted 2006-04-28

Leading Off: Random Thoughts
By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter

Photo by

The Sporting News tried to give away a Wing-Lynch film processor for FREE in the classified ads on
No rants this month on Court Runners, unprofessional conduct or bad pressroom food … just a few observations and the proverbial notes on the scorecard.

• There's a old axiom for actors "Never work with animals or kids" and looking at the most popular galleries on some Internet sites, I'd like to bend and apply that comment to the state of photography: "If you want to be in a site's most popular gallery shoot photos of dogs and scantly dressed models.

• A classified ad on caught my eye …and my heart the other day" "Wing-Lynch processor - FREE". Was it that long ago that a young chief photographer at the Visalia Times-Delta waited up all night for the delivery of a Wing-Lynch that would make the small daily a color newspaper? Thinking about that old Wing-Lynch brought back so many memories and it also made me miss FILM even more!

• Is it just me? Or does it feel like 10 years ago with regards to the technology affecting newspaper photographers? I thought I finally was at a point where I can almost totally concentrate on PHOTOGRAPHY when I work and not worry about pixels and other techie gobbledygook. And now we're faced with … video, audio and multi-media web galleries. It's like starting all over … again.

• I know why they did it and to many the NFL's new "Flex Schedule" makes a lot of sense. "Flex" means that from week 10 through the remainder of the regular season the networks can move the kick-off times of games to prime time so it can more easily spotlight playoff teams and more important games. But what it also means is beat writers and photographer (who don't ride the team charters) can't book their travel until after the 12 day window to move the game times has past. I guess it means it'll be more difficult for Rod Mar to be home to be with his family after Seahawks' road games…

• Maybe it is me … Does it feel like photographers out there are getting more pushy than ever?

* * *

Photo by Stanley Hu

Photo by Stanley Hu

Stanley Hu won Best Photo at Sports Shooter Academy 2.
Sports Shooter Academy II, the second of our hands-on, shooting workshops was held a couple of weeks ago in Orange County.

Watching the participants REALLY work the events --- like crawling to the top of the Long Beach State Pyramid, burying a camera with a fisheye lens in the sand on the sideline of a beach volleyball game, getting soaked shooting laying on the ground at the steeple chase or mounting a camera on a pole vault pole --- was not just gratifying to see but also energizing.

Giving back a little something back to this profession has always been a goal of mine. But what I get out of the deal with regards to inspiration is working with and watching other photographers and students work in the field cannot be measured.

We made a few awards during the Academy closing brunch and I wanted to share them with everyone who reads this newsletter:

• Best Portfolio: Ashley Vansant
• Best Photo: Stanley Hu
• MVP: Christa House
• Innovator Award: Carlos Delgado
• The Chris Detrick Hustle Award: Melissa Macatee, Debra Gulbas
• Faculty Recognition: Robert J. Meyer, Crystal Chatham

SSA II was probably THE best educational program I have ever been involved with. All of the participants, faculty members and staff made this a memorable 5 days filled with hard work, late nights, wonderful photography and a camaraderie that sets it apart from other workshops.

'Nuff said!

* * *

Photo by Ashley Vansant

Photo by Ashley Vansant

Ashley Vansant won Best Prtfolio at Sports Shooter Academy 2.
Sports Shooter v.90 features our National Pastime with three reports on baseball. Brad Mangin writes about Giants' slugger Barry Bonds chase of Babe Ruth, Keith Birmingham of the Pasadena Star recounts opening day at Dodger Stadium and the new configuration that eliminated most of the field level photo positions and we learn how to do a time-lapse sequence from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Richard Mach.

Dean Rutz writes about his ordeal and recovery after he was hit in the head by a baseball at a prep game.

Experiences at the recent Sports Shooter Academy are shared by participants Jesse Bowman and Zach Honig. And we announce the winners in the Sports Shooter Newsletter Annual Contest.

So set back, adjust the contrast on your monitor, turn down the volume on that new Emmylou Harris/Mark Knopfler CD and enjoy Sports Shooter v.90!

As always, thanks to Special Advisors & Contributors: Deanna & Emma Hanashiro, Brad Mangin, Rick Rickman, Rod Mar, Vincent Laforet, Trent Nelson, Jason Burfield, Grover Sanschagrin, Joe Gosen, The Photodude, Reed Hoffmann, Anne Ryan, Darren Carroll and Bob Deutsch.

Thanks this month to: Dean Rutz, Keith Birmingham, Huy Richard Mach, Zach Honig and Jesse Bowman.

I welcome any comments, corrections, suggestions and contributions. Please e-mail me at

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