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|| News Item: Posted 2006-01-25

Annual Sports Shooter Super Bowl Predictions
By Sports Shooter Staff

Photo by Rod Mar / Seattle Times

Photo by Rod Mar / Seattle Times

Sports Illustrated's Robert Beck predicts a Steelers victory.
(Editor's note: Each year Sports Shooter asks several photographers and editors to look into their crystal ball, check their tea leaves or just plain make something up in making their predictions on the upcoming Super Bowl.)

Diane Weiss, Detroit Free Press
I am predicting no rain for Super Bowl Sunday (leave your rain gear at home).

It will be cozy about 75 degrees on the sidelines the day of the game.

If the Stones lip-sync, they will be booed by Detroit fans...

No photographer will jump the sidelines because Bert Hanashiro will not be there to lead the rush.

Pittsburgh will win and Detroit will go wild, the whole town of Pittsburgh will have driven 4 hours to party in Detroit (half the town will be staying at my house).

John Biever, Sports Illustrated
No more yellow rope around the field - I hear it's razor-wire and cattle prods!

The sidelines aren't bad, but the end zones get nasty. Seahawks win a thriller, 24-23.

Thomas Witte, freelance photographer
Before the game a disgruntled Bengals fan will leap out of a broom closet and whack Roethlisberger on the knee a la Shane Stant. As the offensive line pummels the man in to a liquid goo, he will be heard muttering "it's all part of the game my a**!"

The halftime show will start late after Roethlisberger inadvertently takes Keith Richards unoccupied wheelchair. Fans in attendance don't notice since most of them have no idea there is a game going on - concerned mostly with being there and spending the entire night on their phone sending self portraits to their agent and posse.

Rolling Stones PR will enforce the "first two songs" rule and force all photographers, even the ones already squatting over their laptops editing, off the field when they break in to their third song, "Paint it Black". In the players tunnel, 1200 photographers, 1200 monopods, 200 square feet of space... Disaster ensues when the teams plow through to take the field for the second half. 600 MRI's are then scheduled that evening at Henry Ford Hospital. This of course leads the NFL to ban monopods on the sidelines rather than screen who gets credentialed.

Seattle wins the game after all of Troy Palamalu's interception returns for touchdowns are over turned because he didn't hold the ball correctly.

After last year's debacle, the league has all field photographers wear electronic dog collars in order to stay behind the line. Rod Mar is the first to hit the field... Sadly before the electric fence is turned off. Photographers take heed as he catapults backwards through the air cursing as they patiently watch the TV crews swarm the field and begin their interviews.

Final: Seattle 31 Pittsburgh 27.

John Leyba, The Denver Post
The Bus will keep on rolling into Detroit but might have to put some chains on to keep from getting stuck in the snow Detroit will get the week of the big game. Pittsburgh will have more desire than the ex-AFC team Seattle Seahawks and will prevail with a 31-24 win over the Seahawks.

Not as close as the score indicates. Big Ben will get the MVP and as far as the Stones go, look for them to open up with "Start Me Up"! and maybe with a mixture of "Brown Sugar", "Miss You" and maybe end up with "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll". As far as someone crossing the yellow tape at the end of the game? My vote goes to Rod Mar!! Ha Ha Ha.

Robert Beck, Sports Illustrated
Steelers win. Lucy Nicholson or Mike Blake will be the first West Coasters to jump in front of everyone.

Photo by Rod Mar / Seattle Times

Photo by Rod Mar / Seattle Times

Head coach Mike Holmgren runs away from a celebratory dunking courtesy of center Robbie Tobeck as the clock winds down on Seattle's victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The win assured the Seahawks home-field throughout the playoffs.
Mark J. Terrill, Associated Press
Robert Seale and Mike Segar will be tackled and detained prior to the game in a yellow-jacketed show of force for taking more that one roster from the press table.

This year security will not only keep as at bay with ropes at the end of the game, but with cattle prods as well.

For the second year in a row, I will be accosted by a 70-year-old security guard for trying to exit the field at the end of the game.

The Steelers will win 24-17.

Lucy Nicholson, Reuters
I'm in London. I asked around and no one seems to know what Super Bowl XL is. Someone asked if it was a type of cocktail. No luck with predictions here!

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images
Steelers, 31-17.

I predicate I will be the first photographer...blowing outta Detroit when the game is over.

If the Stones were worth a crap, they'd play "Waiting on a Friend." But they won't.

If I were the Seahawks coaches, I'd watch the tapes of the Steelers beating: da Beloved Bears, the Vikings, the Lions, and the Packers (who, by the way, they beat with worthless Charlie Batch at quarterback, for gawds sake). Yep...they whooped the entire NFC North.

OK, I know. BFD.

Antwaan Randle El is a free agent after this season...look for "The Beloved" to sign him. In my dreams.

One last thing: It was 60 degrees at kick-off when I shot the Bengals v. Steelers. It was 39 degrees in Chicago, IN JANUARY, when I shot The Beloved v. the Panthers. It was 45 and sunny in Denver on Sunday and I didn't even need to wear gloves. Viva la global warming!

Gary Bogdon, freelance
Super Bowl XL Predictions?

Let's pray that Mick Jagger, or worse yet, Keith Richards doesn't go all "Janet Jackson" on us and flash some old 'British pale' wrinkled skin …

As I look into the Crystal Ball --- I see the following at Super Bowl XL in lovely Detroit:
• How many times can sports writers say 'The Bus Stops Here'? I'm going with an even thousand and that's before media day.
• I'm already tired of hearing how the Seahawks get no respect, but I'm sure they will cry some more, ask Aretha Franklin how to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
• Photographers will complain about the sidelines (too crowded), the access (not enough), network tv crews (get outta my way) and the schwag (too small)
• Writers will complain about the weather (too cold), the meals (no receipts?), the city (it's Detroit), and the media shuttle (wait is too long, and it's cold).
• Some photog will break the line at the end, get clubbed by Detroit's finest and get a night in jail (no media meal here).
• My pick for the cover of SI after the Super Bowl is by the Great One John Biever and still the King of shooting football.
• And finally I'm going to have to go with the favorite here, as Mick Jagger says, 'Start me Up", the Bus that is... Bettis and the Steelers over Seattle by 14.

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