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|| News Item: Posted 2005-11-30

In the Bag: A different camera bag for every situation
By Donald Miralle, Getty Images

As most photographers know who peruse already know, there is a different camera bag for every situation. I have two bags that I'd like to share with you that have never let me down in the given situation, and have taken a beating and kept on rolling.

Photo by Donald Miralle / Getty Images

Photo by Donald Miralle / Getty Images

Tamrac Roller
Tamrac Roller (The Big Wheels Rolling StrongBox(tm) - LP2)
I use this bag with its contents for about 90% of the assignments I shoot. It fits in the airline overhead (except small connection jets), which is great for the day flight for a football game. There is extra room in the bag on in addition to what is pictured for kneepads and a large lend hood inside, or a small sweater in the outside pocket. I've dragged it through sand and mud, dropped it down a flight of stairs, and the wheels still work great and the zipper hasn't broken. By far the best bag I've ever owned, and best of all is saves my back because it rolls.

Main Compartment
• 2 X Canon 1-D Mark II
• 2 X Extra Mark II Batteries
• 70-200mm/2.8 w/ lens hood
• 550 EX Flash (under zoom)
• 400mm/2.8 w/or w/out lens hood (hoping for a new 400IS from Santa or Getty for X-mas to replace this 10 year old beast)
• 17-35mm/2.8 w/ lens hood
• 14mm Fisheye
• 1.4 Teleconverter
• 1 power supply for laptop
• 2 X Pocket Wizard Transceivers (if I'm early enough to set up a remote)

Photo by Donald Miralle / Getty Images

Photo by Donald Miralle / Getty Images

Pelican Case
Inner Door Pouches
• Sharpies
• Leatherman
• Extra AA Batteries
• Dust Blower (my sensor is still filthy)
• Pocket Wizard & Canon cable release cords
• Safety cable
• Lens Filters
• Visine, Advil, and earplugs (if shooting hung-over)
• Gaffers tape

Outer Pocket
• Laptop
• Spare Battery
• Card Reader
• I-Pod
• Noise Reduction Headphones
• Monopod


Pelican Case (model 1600)
My second bag is actually a Pelican case, which I mainly use to transport and ship my underwater kit. I've shipped this thing all over the world and none of the contents have ever been damaged. As with any pelican case, you can cut the foam interior to customize whatever you are carrying, and replace it with new foam after time.

• SPL Water Housing w/ fisheye port and Canon 1-D Mark II
• Flash Housing w/Canon 550EX
• Extra 17-35mm port
• 100 ft of weighted waterproof cable
• Goggles and spare camera grips for pistol or side shooting
• Mounting hardware and tools for underwater remote set-up

You can find these bags on the sites below, although my models are a several years old so they may vary a bit...

(Donald Miralle is a staff photographer with Getty Images based in Southern California. He has been a faculty member at the Sports Shooter Academy and the Sports Shooter Commuter Short Course.)

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