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|| News Item: Posted 1999-04-08

Gearheads Unite!
By Bruce Kwitny

-Bruce Kwitny has sent along some information on new equipment and is offering a couple of special prices to Sports shooter readers:

Here is the latest and greatest news and specials from the photo industry and your friends at Roberts Distributors.

Photo by
Nikon has just announced that their new 28-70mm F2.8 AFS lens will be available for shipment in limited quantities starting the second week of April. Roberts will have an introductory offer for Sports Shooter subscribers on this long awaited lens...$1399.00. Of course this not include applicable tax, title, insurance, destination charge, dealer prep or pin striping. It DOES include (somewhat miraculously) a lens hood!!

Canon has just started a new rebate program on a number of cameras and lenses. Of particular interest to Sports Shooter readers are the following: Canon EOS-1n Body. Factory Rebate is now $150.00. Lens rebates on the Canon 17-35mm F2.8, 28-70mm F2.8 and the 70-200mm F2.8 are $100.00 each. We also have new lower pricing on the above items.

Hasselblad lens promotion is back for the first time in three years. The
Photo by
following promotion will expire on June 30th. Purchase a new CFE, CFI or CB lens (excludes 30mm and 80mm lenses) and receive your choice of an A12 or A24 Film Back, or a PM-90 or PM-5 Prism FREE from Hasselblad. Limit one free item per lens purchase. There is no limit to the number of lenses you may purchase under this promotion.

Quantum has just announced a $30.00 rebate on their Radio Slave IV units....hmmmm, interesting timing!

Since it's golf and baseball season, we are offering the Lightware Long Lens Rain Covers for only $19.95 each. They work best on the 400/2.8, 500/4.0 or 4.5 and 600/4.0 lenses. LPA Design anticipates delivery of the new Pocket Wizard Plus and Pocket Wizard Max units to start mid to late April...please be patient, they will be worth the wait!

Nikon has just announced rebates on film scanners purchased from Nikon USA Authorized Dealers between April 1st and July 31, 1999. The Super
Photo by
Coolscan LS 2000 now qualifies for a factory rebate of $150.00. The Coolscan III also qualifies for a $150.00 rebate. Roberts also just received another batch of LS 1000 Super Coolscan Demo units. They are available for $995.00 while they last!

Please feel free to call 800-726-5544 or e-mail for more details.


 - David Crane, a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Daily News, passes along this tidbit of information about the Contax G2, a popular autofocus rangefinder:

G users, and wanna-be users:

Photo by
A very good source has told me Contax will be introducing a 28-70 zoom for the G's this summer as well as a 135 2.8. The zoom will work with the cameras as is without modification, the 135 will most likely have an optical rangefinder attached to the lens, much like the Leica M 135, to increase the rangefinder's magnification for this lens. Also, don't be afraid to use that G meter! I shot 30 rolls of Provia 100 on a freelance job last week using the Auto exposure at +1/3. I used the auto bracket, but found it was unnecessary as the camera's base exposure was right on in all except two instances-anyone looking for a used Sekonic meter?

Happy shooting!

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