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|| News Item: Posted 2005-10-03

Samy's Early Fall Specials
By Louis Feldman

They're here!

Canon shooters rejoice ... we are receiving shipments of the new Canon 5D and the Canon Mark IIn as I type this ... call Samy's Camera for currently inventory news and pricing for Sports Shooter readers. For specs on the 5D and MIIn, check the link on the preview story on

Nkon's "Harvest of Savings" rebate program extends to many digital SLRs, lenses and CoolPix cameras. Save up to $100 on selected cameras and up to $300 on lenses! For more information check out Nikon's web site:,+2005

Photo by

The new Canon 5D
The disaster in Louisiana was tragic, the effects will be with us all for years to come. Nikon, USA besides donating to the relief effort, also set up and NPS operation near New Orleans offering free equipment repairs to those working photojournalist documenting this big news story. Our hats are off to all of those journalists who braved dangerous situations in the Gulf States to bring us so many unforgettable images.

A very popular item for traveling sports and news photographers is the Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer. It's a 40 gig hard drive that has a built in card reader that enables you to off-load image files without having to fire up your laptop. Perfect for clearing cards at half time or in the back of an armored personnel carrier patrolling the streets of Iraq. The P-2000 has a large 3.8-inch LCP screen so you can actually view images and a fast USB2 connection when you do want to connect it to a computer. Call Samy's for the latest price for Sports Shooter readers!

And since we're talking digital ... Samy's is your one-stop shopping location for all things digital! From compact flash and SD cards for your cameras, to the latest Epson and Canon photo printers, to the full line of Apple Computer desktop and portable products, we have it all and usually in stock.

We have had many still shooters ask about digital video cameras and we carry the complete line of Canon and Sony DV cameras. If you're looking for a budget min-DV camera, the Optura 60 is a great choice and if you want something tiny to slip into that Domke bag or Think Tank Photo backpack, then maybe the Sony DCR-PC55 is the one for you. Or are you looking for something high-end? Check out the Sony DCR-VX2100 and the Canon XL2 ... Drop by the store and one of our digital video experts will give the lowdown on features and pricing that's right for you.

And speaking of Think Tank Photo ... YES Samy's Camera is the exclusive Southern California retailer of the fine products from this new, cool company. From what I have been hearing around LA and reading on the message board, the Airport Addicted backpack is THE bag to have for the sports, news and traveling shooter.

If you live in Southern California ... or are in town for a visit ... drop by one of Samy's Camera five locations: Pasadena, Orange County, Venice, Santa Barbara and our huge main store in the Fairfax District ... shop Samy's and then do what Bert does and head to The Grove or Farmer's Market for a great lunch.

(Contact Samy's Camera in Los Angeles by calling (323) 938-2420 and ask for an industrial sales representative. Also check out Samy's Specials on or on own Samy's web site at:

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