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|| News Item: Posted 1999-03-07

For Gear Heads
By Bruce Kwitny

Bruce Kwitny, of Roberts Distributors, has relayed some information on new equipment that will be of interest to sports photographers. Bruce also has an internet project that is worth a look, This web site has tips, equipment specials and a classified ad section for used equipment for sale.

To contact Roberts, check out the store's web site at: or call: 800-726-5544 (make sure you mention Sports Shooter when you place an order!)

Info on the new Pocket Wizards:
There are two new units that will be available around the end of March. The first one is called the Pocket Wizard Plus. It is designed primarily for the wedding photographer that needs a reliable radio slave. It has four channels and will be quite inexpensive. The other unit that will be more for sports photographers (and others needing additional unique features) is called the Pocket Wizard Max. Some of the new features are as follows:

1) Hot Shoe Mount is built in.
2) Illuminated Liquid Crystal Display.
3) Soft Touch Illuminated Key Pad.
4) User Selectable Channels Increased from 16 to 32 channels compared to current model.
5) Range has been increased to 1600 feet compared to 800 on current model.
6) Backlight Mode turns the backlight on or off all the time, or activates it when a key is pressed for a programmable time period.
7) Trigger Counter can keep track of the number of times the transmitter sends a signal, and the receiver can keep a count of the number of triggers that are received.
8) Quad Triggering. Perhaps the most important new feature of the new Pocket Wizard Max, allows the photographer to choose which lights to fire and which to turn off without ever leaving the camera position. Many people in the industry refer to this feature as "dioding". Now it is easier than ever with the new Pocket Wizard Max.
9) Pocket Wizard Max units are compatible with the 16 channel Pocket Wizard's.

The current 16 channel Pocket Wizard is being discontinued in favor of the new one. We currently have available about 24 pairs of the current units in stock. They all have a "Custom ID" channel built in. We are offering them for a special price of $235.00 each piece, a savings of $35.00 per unit. Please call us at 800-726-5544 or e-mail at right away if you are interested in any of these units.

Some other industry news:
- Canon will be starting a new rebate program on April 1st. Of special note, the Canon EOS1n will drop in price by $100.00. And on top of that, the factory rebate is being increased to $150.00 making the EOS1n a particularly good value. A number of lenses are also dropping in price and will have rebates as well.

- Nikon showed a prototype of an F100 Digital Camera that is being built exclusively by them. By not partnering with anyone else Nikon expects the pricing on this exciting new camera to be more favorable. Delivery should start early this fall.

- Minolta has just announced some major price drops on popular exposure meters. For a limited time the following prices apply at Roberts: Autometer IVF:$229.95 Spotmeter F: $399.95 Flashmeter V: $449.95.

If you are able to react quickly on these new prices there is an additional bonus: for a short time only you can also double dip on Minolta's factory rebates that are about to expire on March 31st. The rebate amount for the Autometer IV F is $30.00, bringing the total price to $199.95 after rebate. The Spotmeter F has a rebate of $50.00 for a final cost of $349.95, and the Flashmeter V has a rebate of $50.00 for a final price of $399.95. Please call or e-mail for more details.

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