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|| News Item: Posted 1999-03-07

DCS620 Users' Report
By Eric Draper, Associated Press

I have been waiting for this camera for more than a year! I'm glad to say that I'm not disappointed.

I used it once and for the first time at the Super Bowl in Miami. I can't compare it to the DCS520 because I don't shoot Canon, but I can compare it to the NC2000. The difference is night and day.

First of all it feels like a real camera: one complete unit. The older NC2000 feels like a N90 slapped onto a digital back.

The speed of the camera is what I was most impressed with. It feels like you're actually getting 3.5 frames a second. I used a flash RAM card in the camera and it still shot very fast.

The button functions on the back of the camera are easy to use. The format of the frame is more horizontal instead of a box, so it feels like your shooting film again. Almost.

I did look at a few files acquired on a laptop and they were just BEAUTIFUL! I did some tests at 1600 ASA and it looked better than film.

The rear LCD screen did give me a good enough image to judge exposure and color but its to small to judge sharpness. A matter of fact everything looks sharp.

I quickly learned that getting the best color balance means setting the custom white balance at the change of every lighting situation. The custom white balance works really well.

The frame buffer was never an issue during the game. I guess I'm used to holding back after using the NC2000 for the past four years.

And now for what I don't like about the camera:
- It's a little bulky. I have noticed it's not much smaller than the NC2000. It could be a problem for people with small hands.

- My biggest disappointment was the viewfinder. It is not magnified. It still feels like your looking through a tunnel. My eye felt strained by the end of the game.

- I would prefer to have the camera give me a 1:1 lens ratio. Using a 14mm is still a little tricky. Sometimes it's just too wide. The trade off is with the longer lenses you can simulate a 600 2.8 with your 400 2.8 on a digital camera.

Over all, the camera seems very solid. I can't wait to have one or even two.

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