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|| News Item: Posted 1999-03-07

EOS 3 Users Report
By Peter Read Miller, Sports Illustrated

EOS-3 Impressions: I used the EOS-3 for the last five games of the football season and Iwas tremendously impressed.

Photo by Robert Hanashiro

Photo by Robert Hanashiro
Overall it seems that Canon has really made some big strides in technology and it meeting the needs of photographers. Here are some of my thoughts on the camera:

Auto-Focus: Significantly improved. Faster, better acquisition and tracking. Also a very clever feature in CF-17. If you turn this on when you are using the center spot (the fastest) and the center spot doesn't acquire immediately (like you've just got a big chunk of Terrill Davis's white jersey) the camera then searches the surrounding spots until it finds something. Far better than heading off into focus never, neverland.

Motor Drive Speed: Faster, but you must pay the price. The camera only runs at top speed with the new booster (it will run with the EOS-1N booster, but slower), and the new Nickel-Metal Hydride battery which in turn requires a new charger. The good news is that all these thing are improved. The booster has better side controls and feels better (in my hand at least). I have yet to run down the battery-even with a couple of 60+ roll games shot mostly with the 600mm. The charger will charge 2 batteries at once and allows you to do a complete discharge of a battery before charging to eliminate memory effects-very cool!

Photo by
Flash: I'm not much of an on camera flash guy, but the 550EX is something else. Aside from all the usual features we've all come to expect, the 550 allows you to control multiple units off camera. You can run 3 channels with different ratios from either one strobe on camera or a transmitter on camera. All ratios are set from the camera and all units are metered TTL based on a pre-flash. The range seems pretty good indoors-it might be possible to do one end of a HS basketball game. Definitely a great solution for the "you've got three minutes to light this room" situations. Of course you need a bunch of 550's, or a one Canon guy said in Miami after showing me the system - "now if we'd only come out with a monoblock to work with this system". Please!

Little things I like: It loads fast. Full 1 to 36 frame counter in the viewfinder.

Photo by
Little things that bug me: If you leave the leader out on rewind-the EOS-3 gives you exactly the same leader as an unexposed roll of film- the 1N used to only leave about 1-1/2 inches out. This can really be confusing-especially for disorganized people like me who are used to just dropping film in any pocket and sorting it out later. I'd bet this can be changed, but I haven't asked. No dial-in diopter. Trouble for the seeing-eye-dog crowd. The camera takes the same external diopters as the A-2, but they keep your eye fairly far from the viewfinder and mine seemed to fog up a lot in the cold in Denver.

There's certainly a lot more features to the camera that I haven't tried, and some I may never get to (eye point focusing?), but I've got 2 now and I haven't used my 1N's since I got the 3's

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