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|| News Item: Posted 1999-03-07

Leading Off: March Madness & Spring Training
By Robert Hanashiro

I love March!

The weather turns warm but it also means the conference post-season tournaments, Selection Sunday and then the Final Four. March also means Spring Training.

This is the time of year when every (college) basketball game means something. It's also when baseball goes back to its roots and feels a little more fan friendly.

I guess to me it seems the only time of year when sports is ... well, just sports.

When I think of March, I picture Bill Luster breaking down in agony in the AP trailer at the West Regional in Albuquerque as he watched on a small TV Christian Laetner sink a 3-pointer at the buzzer to beat his beloved Kentucky Wildcats.

I also think of sunny mornings in Scottsdale watching the Giants loosening up and Barry Bonds strolling over to the stands to sign some autographs for a bunch of little kids, smiling and laughing the whole time.

March also means dinner with other photographers at Don and Charlie's or a 1am meal after a regional semi-final at a Waffle House, recounting to other shooters great photos I'd made, but in all reality, probably missed.

I guess what March means is good times, good friends and the opportunity to make some good sports photographs.

This issue of Sports Shooter is devoted mainly to these endeavors: the NCAA Basketball Tournament and baseball's Spring Training.

Here are a couple of web sites I recommend checking out:
- (Take a look at this site to try to make sense out of the college power
ranking system used to seed teams in the Big Dance. Hey! Fresno State is 64th...doesn't that mean they get in?)
- and
- (The Sporting News and USA TODAY's college hoops site to get all of the latest information on the tournament.)
- (Check out Phil Jache's website for the Sports Illustrated photo staff if you want to see just about everything you'd want to know about Tropicana Field.

Sports Shooter v6 also debuts a new column from Anne Ryan, "On The Sidelines." This regular feature will keep you up on what's happening to photographers and add a little more of a personal touch to these pages.

Note: check out the Sports Shooter Archives on the web to see some images that accompany some of the stories in this and other issues. To access the archives, just go to: and follow the links to Sports Shooter.

Robert Hanashiro
Editor/Publisher Sports Shooter

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Robert Hanashiro:

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