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|| News Item: Posted 1998-09-21

The 9th Inning
By Robert Hanashiro

Two reports from title fights over the past weekend from USA TODAY's Michael Schwarz (at the Holyfield - Bean fight in Atlanta) and the Ap's Kevork Djansezian (at the DeLaHoya- Chavez fight in Las Vegas).

-Michael Schwarz:
Promoter Butch Lewis cleared out almost half of one side of the ring apron for his entourage, forcing the eight shooters that were at that side of the ring to become very familiar with each other as they squeezed into the small remaining space. Lewis further endeared himself to the photographers present by constantly grabbing at the ring ropes creating a whip-like effect as the bottom rope whacked lenses on or near the rope. Ah, the glamour of a heavyweight championship fight.

-Kevork Djansezian:
The funniest thing to happen at the fight was during the last under card fight, Yory Boy Campas verses Larry Barnes. Before the fight, the referee came over to me and told me to "make sure you keep that camera around your neck." He didn't want to see any cameras on the apron, but it's something we always do. During the fight, he kept turning to the ringside photographers and yelling to get the cameras off the apron, even while there was action going on! I think he spent more time yelling at us than keeping his eyes on the fight. One time he went to the other side of the ring and yelled at Jed (Jacobsohn from All Sport) and Eric (Draper from Ap). Tom Mendoza told me the next day that you could hear the ref yelling at the photographers on the tv broadcast!

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