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Thread Title Posts Started by Last Updated by Last Update
Mirrorless6Charles MardreEric Francis11.06.18, 12:21 AM
Nikon Z75Chris PetersonRobert Hanashiro11.03.18, 03:09 PM
Photolemur 31Robert O'RourkRobert O'Rourk10.31.18, 07:14 PM
FTP Server6Steve RobertsChris Parent10.29.18, 10:06 PM
short lens rain cover7Sue OgrockiKevin M. Cox10.28.18, 10:58 AM
need to rent printer for print on site 5x7 prints5Melissa MacateeMelissa Macatee10.02.18, 07:34 PM
Chicago Tribune's Archive2Joe GosenJason Burfield10.02.18, 11:04 AM
batch photo website software3Douglas WhiteAndrew Dolph09.28.18, 08:55 AM
Best AF for Canon Cameras7Ken LaneseSimon Wheeler09.18.18, 09:09 PM
Newly released equipment rewards from Adorama/BHPhoto/Samy's1Brian GarfinkelBrian Garfinkel09.11.18, 04:01 PM
NFL Photo Vests3John MersitsJohn Mersits09.07.18, 12:16 PM
Boxing at the Barclays Center1Bill KiserBill Kiser08.30.18, 11:44 PM
Photo Hangouts in Houston, TX, Aug. 9-111Darrell MihoDarrell Miho08.07.18, 07:35 AM
Nikon 400mm f/2.8D II IF-ED tele error17Andrew DolphJames Lathrop08.01.18, 12:43 PM
Rennovated HOF Stadium lights in Canton1Walt SmithWalt Smith07.31.18, 10:15 PM
Bert Hanashiro Lighting Workshop at Northern Kentucky U2Jack GruberRobert Hanashiro07.31.18, 01:47 PM
Sports Shooter Academy Shootout|Labor Day Weekend1Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro07.31.18, 01:45 PM
Away NFL game creds5Gary McCulloughGary McCullough07.24.18, 03:29 PM
Emergency: CF card with two broken off pins6Sam SantilliTim Cowie07.18.18, 02:52 PM
Gameface Media Nonpayment40Sam SantilliSam Santilli07.18.18, 10:27 AM
Tethering to external hard drive?4Joshua BrownJoshua Brown07.07.18, 02:29 PM
500px will no longer allow photographers to license photos ...1Frank NiemeirFrank Niemeir07.02.18, 01:08 PM
PhotoMechanic and Lightroom Color Coding5Bradley LeebDavid Dennis06.27.18, 07:17 PM
Lexar Card Tower3Jesse BealsCorey Perrine06.21.18, 08:45 PM
NAB - worthwhile as a photographer?3Valerie ShoapsDarrell Miho06.10.18, 04:28 AM
Canon shutters 80-year history of film cameras5Frank NiemeirTroy Taormina06.07.18, 01:30 PM
Canon 600, f4, DO8Steven LimentaniSteven Limentani05.29.18, 12:33 AM
Nikon lens hood knob6Rob DickerGreg Francis05.24.18, 11:14 AM
Korea anyone?5Steve RussellRobert Hanashiro05.06.18, 10:58 PM
Sony A9, 20 FPS w/AF, 24mp FF, no blackout, 3.6M pixel EVF $450033Patrick Murphy-RaceyDavid Seelig05.06.18, 05:52 PM
SmugMug buys Flickr1Jason BurfieldJason Burfield04.22.18, 07:28 PM
Sony A9 in one at bat2David SeeligRic Tapia04.13.18, 05:08 PM
ExposureManager shutting down8Greg FrancisGreg Francis04.07.18, 10:41 AM
Student looking for critique6Andy BaoAndy Bao03.09.18, 06:50 PM
Free Lightroom mobile1Frank NiemeirFrank Niemeir03.06.18, 02:33 PM
NPS Service - East or West Coast7Ralph MawyerMichael Augustin02.28.18, 06:57 AM
Canon Lens Repair7Ken LanesePaul Sullivan02.20.18, 01:04 PM
Super Bowl Photographer TV Special8Ken LaneseRalph Mawyer02.18.18, 04:08 PM
Sony A921David SeeligTim Gangloff02.04.18, 11:48 PM
David Burnett has gone Sony2David SeeligPatrick Murphy-Racey02.03.18, 10:46 PM
Onerous Photo Policy at USA Climbing3Glenn NelsonGlenn Nelson02.01.18, 07:19 PM
Ooooops! Reuters photog moved photos of the Olympic flame!1Steve RussellSteve Russell01.29.18, 10:21 PM
Rain Gear ...Think Tank Hydrophobia or AquaTech Sport Shield3Maria LysakerDavid Seelig01.29.18, 01:31 PM
Camera gear for a wildfire survivor1Alyson Boyer RodeAlyson Boyer Rode01.25.18, 08:22 AM
iPhone/iPad apps that allow IPTC/XMP editing?6Ty GreenleesTy Greenlees01.18.18, 01:33 PM
RIP Ed Andrieski1Doug PizacDoug Pizac01.17.18, 09:52 PM
Get a Roller2David SeeligJesse Beals01.17.18, 03:13 AM
Best photos from 20179Daniel MalmbergSascha Fromm01.16.18, 05:25 PM
It's been real6Dave PreloskyTroy Taormina01.16.18, 01:48 PM
Suggestions for setting/adjusting room light temp?6John KordunerJohn Korduner01.06.18, 06:35 PM
Godox V860ii strobe for Nikon1Greg FrancisGreg Francis01.06.18, 11:05 AM
Lost Lens at Rose Bowl Game1Jayne OnceaJayne Oncea01.02.18, 11:41 PM
Ohio State quarterback injured by cameraman3John HowleyKeith Simonian12.31.17, 03:24 PM
Deliver Digitals Direct to Phones4Charles MardreDoug Pizac12.29.17, 10:47 AM
Repair ideas??9Chris PietschSimon Wheeler12.28.17, 10:21 AM
Over the digital learning curve and on a plateau1Stanley LearyStanley Leary12.16.17, 08:26 AM
Software marketed to remove watermarks3David DennisPeter Zuzga12.11.17, 12:12 PM
Lets talk winter gloves....10Sean KingChris Brown12.08.17, 12:15 PM
Boyd's Station Benefit Online Print Auction Bidding NOW1Jack GruberJack Gruber12.06.17, 01:42 PM
I’m Stuck and I Can’t Seem to Advance in my Photography13Olyn TaylorOlyn Taylor12.05.17, 02:39 PM
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II settings3Al DiazPeyton Williams12.03.17, 09:38 AM
Shooting for a schools Athletic Department5David DennisDennis Montgomery11.30.17, 06:51 PM
Someone talk me down?3Dave PreloskySteven E. Frischling11.30.17, 11:52 AM
Is F4 good enough now for most sports?7Sean KingSimon Wheeler11.29.17, 09:54 PM
Getty Images2Daniel FerrariBrad Mangin11.27.17, 06:17 PM
BLACK FRIDAY SALES13Marvin GentryMarvin Gentry11.27.17, 04:27 PM
Team and Individual Questions10Bradley LeebRalph Mawyer11.18.17, 10:56 PM
Panic Transmit Suddenly "Unlicensed"?2Samuel LewisPatrick Fallon11.18.17, 11:09 AM
Warning: Gymnast Media/Deadalus Media Group3David WuerthStew Milne11.14.17, 11:33 AM
USB-C Card Reader5Harvey LevineMike Gatzke11.13.17, 10:35 PM
Monopod for shooting football5Harvey LevineRandy Litzinger11.11.17, 09:25 PM
lost rain gear1Robert DeutschRobert Deutsch11.05.17, 07:09 PM
Carlos Schiebeck obit1Doug PizacDoug Pizac11.05.17, 06:56 PM
business words for Freelancers1Doug PizacDoug Pizac11.05.17, 02:16 PM
Stolen camera & lens2Harvey LevineAndrew Dolph11.03.17, 03:54 PM
Usage rate?4Bill KiserBill Kiser11.02.17, 05:28 PM
Rate for shooting college games8Shelley BurgerWalt Middleton10.31.17, 02:46 PM
Editing at halftime13Harvey LevineHilary Scheinuk10.30.17, 01:24 AM
Red McLendon obit3Doug PizacFrank Niemeir10.29.17, 07:38 AM
Heisman Trophy Presentation2Harvey LevineDon Feria10.14.17, 03:39 PM
Getting holes put in new hockey arena glass12Chris MachianMike Janes10.11.17, 12:15 PM
low light and the D8509Rob DickerChris Peterson10.11.17, 10:59 AM
Nov. 11: The Ultimate Sports Shooter Academy Challenge2Robert HanashiroRobert Hanashiro10.10.17, 09:49 PM
Photoshop Question5John OHaraRon Manfredi10.06.17, 10:30 PM
College sports4Shelley BurgerPatrick Fallon10.03.17, 01:02 AM
Looking for a review - Blackrapid Double Breathe6Rob DickerCorey Perrine09.30.17, 12:13 PM
Photographer complaint against Congressman1Doug ThompsonDoug Thompson09.30.17, 07:15 AM
European Photo Discounter?4Jim ColburnDaniel Malmberg09.26.17, 05:31 PM
"Your City" Press Photographers Association2Justin BerlSteven E. Frischling09.26.17, 01:08 PM
Great Photo2Jim ColburnSimon Wheeler09.25.17, 07:49 PM
Anyone interested in trade Fujifilm X-T2 for my 7D Mark II1Scott FoleyScott Foley09.22.17, 03:35 PM
Poll: RGB or sRGB?12Robert HanashiroWalt Middleton09.20.17, 10:21 AM
I hate drop biox4David SeeligDavid Seelig09.18.17, 12:04 PM
This a dtrange one! Photographer shot while carrying tripod5Steve RussellSteve Russell09.08.17, 10:23 PM
Which Card reader9Marvin GentryJason Clark09.08.17, 04:51 AM
Notre Dame2Dean LeggeTom Ewart09.04.17, 10:17 AM
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