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Returning to SportsShooter after several years
Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami | Florida | USA | Posted: 3:19 PM on 08.02.21
->> Back when I first signed up for this website, I thought I knew about photography, but didn't know much about sports photography. It took two attempts to get accepted here, as I obviously didn't know how to write appropriate captions either. Once I did get on, I felt overwhelmed by so many people who knew so much, and I felt I belonged in the first grade.

Eventually my photos got better, my captions got better, and I started working for half a dozen magazines involved in radio control car racing, eventually traveling all around the world to cover the World Championships. I never felt like an expert, but thanks to what I learned here (and feedback from all my editors) I got to do a lot more "work".

I hate to call it "work" - it was more like a "vacation with pay", getting paid to do what I enjoyed doing, using better and better cameras as I learned how to take advantage of all the new features.

All good things come to an end, and I moved on to other types of photography much of the time, developing medical cameras in India for taking photos of eyes at an eye hospital, and training their staff. I'd still have been a member here, but at some point I could no longer send in a check, and since I didn't want to use PayPal, I dropped out.

It's. many years later now, and I miss the discussions here. It used to be a combination of enjoyment, and learning, and I guess I've got a lot of catching up to do. I belong to many photo forums now, but none of them replaced what I used to love about SportsShooter. With help from the current staff, I was able to send in the $$, and get re-instated.

I guess I've changed a lot. I still have most of my Nikon gear, but it doesn't get used very much. I bought a Nikon Df, which for me is the ultimate Nikon. I don't want to move up into the current camera world of mostly "mirrorless". My D750 did everything I needed, but I enjoy the Df so much more. For personal cameras I'm going back and forth between my Leica M10 and my Fuji X100f. I find them much more satisfying. Having said all that, were I to get to cover another radio control car championship, my old gear is ready and waiting.

Finally, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the people here who carried me along with them on the discussions, comments, and so on. This place has always been a learning experience, and I appreciate what I learned from participating here. Everything seems so quiet here lately. I wonder where everyone has gone, but I was gone too.... and have returned. Maybe others will do the same.
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 2:37 AM on 08.06.21
->> I still can't believe how this site / group has gotten so small and quiet over the years.
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Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami | Florida | USA | Posted: 9:26 PM on 08.06.21
->> Me neither, but if enough of us miss what used to be (as I did) we can all start coming back, and starting new discussions.

I suspect a lot of people have moved on, and newcomers don't know enough to relate to what this place is about. I used to feel overwhelmed being here, with so many people who were so famous, and knew so much. I could ask questions, but never felt I could really "contribute".

Assuming many of us miss what used to be like, we should all start entering discussions, and asking/answering questions. Asking a question lately seemed like a dead-end, because nobody was listening.

Hey, I was amazed to find that you had responded to my post!

Anything is possible if enough people chip in. I even entered a photo in the "Clip Contest", something I never dared do before.

I have one other question I wanted to ask, but never posted. I guess now is as good a time as any. Will do so in the next few minutes.
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Andrew Nelles, Photographer
Nashville | TN | USA | Posted: 9:02 PM on 08.07.21
->> Yeah, I'd love for this site to get more active. Nothing really replaced it. The various Facebook groups out there fall way short.
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Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami | Florida | USA | Posted: 2:20 PM on 08.09.21
->> My suggestion - start posting. Give people a reason to come back, and stick around.

I came here and read everything posted, as it was all like a course in how to take good Sports Photography Photos. I guess I should take my own advice, and start posting more, but compared to the people I was learning from, I didn't think people would care much about what I thought and posted.

If you, and a lot more people, start posting, and reading, then that's a good start to making this place more active.

There's another thing - many years ago, I recognized people posting here, and remembered what they had said previously. Now I hardly "know" anyone here but for you, and I think two others.

I agree that nothing really replaced it, but I belong to several forums that are quite active. None of them really specialize in Sports Photography, let alone how to earn a living from doing it. I suspect that there are a few gazillion wanna-bees, who just want to see their name in print. (That was certainly true for me - seeing a three page spread. in Radio Control Car Action meant SO much more to me than the small check they sent me. It worked out in the long run though, as eventually they were both sending me a check and covering my travel and living costs - but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that seeing MY stuff in print in the magazine mattered more to me than all the rest.)

We could also suggest other people come here, but it would be nice if when they went to the classified ads, they would see several pages full of ads, instead of several listings.
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Brian Bailey, Photographer
Turnersville | NJ | USA | Posted: 3:25 PM on 08.09.21
->> Agreed, I thought I finally made it when I got in! That was over 7yrs ago and just on now, ironically, because I was looking at my website stats and noticed I lost a linked domain from sports shooter! I forgot to pay the bill and just logged in, first time in over a year and took a few tries to remember my password! :P Even more ironic, I was thinking EXACTLY what you all are saying, used to be on here all the time, but with FB and the other SM sites, this feels...well old/outdated, like my 1d m iv...still works great, but doesn't get any attention. LOL
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Brian Bailey, Photographer
Turnersville | NJ | USA | Posted: 3:28 PM on 08.09.21
->> Wow, just checked, member for 10yrs...geez Im getting old as well! :P
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Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami | Florida | USA | Posted: 5:42 PM on 08.09.21
->> As I see it, while may not be as new and fancy as the Facebook place, or the forums, I'm not sure that even matters. The site worked before, and if people return from all the social networking that tried to replace it, it can work again.

Still, it doesn't realy matter if the site "looks" new and modern - it's the substance that counts. Would a famous painting be any "better" or "worse" if it was displayed in a fancier, or more boring picture frame.

Many people here were talking back in forth about technical stuff way over my head, but the longer I stuck around, the more it started to become understandable to me.

The still photographs I see coming out of the Olympics that is just ending were/are spectacular. I wish they were all here discussing what it is/was like. If I ever had any doubts that sports photography was dying out, that put an end to those thoughts. I did read about how they are so limited as to where they can shoot from, and other obstacles, including the virus, but that was just scratching the surface. I'm sure there is a lot more to be said.

Brian, regarding losing track of your password, the happened to me too. My computer remembered, but I had no idea what it was. I just learned today that different parts of this can have different user names, and different passwords. I never knew that.

I've got one more question to post here; will do so in a new thread.
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Marvin Gentry, Photographer
Birmingham | AL | USA | Posted: 11:28 PM on 08.14.21
->> Michael, this site has taught me alot. I also came back earlier this year as I have found some people still use it to find photographers. I wish this site would come back .
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Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami | Florida | USA | Posted: 1:39 PM on 08.17.21
->> Me too. Those of us who are still here should do our part by posting and participating, so newcomers have something recent to look over. If we attract their attention, the way all of you attracted my attention, perhaps they'll start using this site again.

I'm not doing very much lately regarding sports photography - I'm mostly trying to stay away from other people as much as possible because of the virus. I'm still doing, and I'm still interested in photography, shooting, gear, editing, and all the rest, but I'm trying to act like a hermit.

I guess that would be an appropriate post for a new discussion - maybe I'll start it, but I'm forgetting what it was like to be out and about, without worrying about catching "the plague".

We could also all start posting links to this site elsewhere, to attract other people, and new people, but when they do come we need to make it active and current and useful enough for others to join in.
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Thread Title: Returning to SportsShooter after several years
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