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Need FTP help
John Korduner, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | United States | Posted: 12:42 AM on 11.29.19
->> I jus updated my Macs to Catalina. It appears all my trusty apps lost support. For the last decade Transmit has been my go to FTP app. Now I can’t send anything even though I updated all my software. I must be missing something obvious.

I’m using Adobe CC and the newest Photomechanic. Since I still couldn’t send anything, I downloaded the 7 day trial for the newest version of Transmit. That’s where things got really connected seemlessly, but the majority of photos failed. After I drag and dropped the pics four or five times they all finally made it through. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? ...Shouldn’t I be able to FTP files with Photomechanic wothout the need of Transmit?
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Colin Hackley, Photographer
Tallahassee | FL | USA | Posted: 11:47 AM on 11.29.19
->> I'm sorry about your Catalina woes.

Yes, you can FTP using Photo Mechanic. Command key + U gets you to the FTP dialog then click on the connections button at the top and then the new button to enter the FTP address and folder destinations. As long as you have all of the info needed for all of the fields and destinations it will work fine, but you can't see anything on the FTP site that is receiving your files, so if you only have partial FTP info and then need to look around to find the right folder you are sunk.

For that reason I like Filezilla. A quick read of the site makes it look like it is Catalina-compatible. It's not a fancy program but is free (and updated often) and allows you to see the file tree on the receiving side so if you don't have all the info you can look around and hopefully get to where you need to be and then create folders as needed. HTH
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John Korduner, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | United States | Posted: 2:07 PM on 11.30.19
->> Thanks I’ll give FileZilla a try. I’m not sure why I couldn’t get Photomechanic to work at all. If Transmit worked properly, I would’ve bought the license simply for convenience.
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John Korduner, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | United States | Posted: 11:15 AM on 12.07.19
->> I finally figured it out using Photomechanic. ...Apparently, there was a firewall or something on the internet connection I was using.
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Thread Title: Need FTP help
Thread Started By: John Korduner
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