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BW Negative Scanner
Jayne Oncea, Photographer
Valencia | CA | USA | Posted: 1:59 PM on 04.30.19
->> I need to get a decent scanner for old BW negs that won't break the bank and will work with MAC OS 10.14.4. ??
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Frank Niemeir, Photographer
Woodstock | GA | usa | Posted: 12:22 PM on 05.01.19

Looks like there is a coupon to get an additional $20 off and free shipping.

I have an earlier version Wolverine FD2 that I'm "satisfied" with but it does not do a very good job with chromes. has a version after mine, but before the Titan, and I think it does a better job than the model I have.

I think was using the Epson V850.

I do not know much about this

One more option is getting a light table and then using a macro lens to copy the film and inverting in Photoshop.
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Wesley Bunnell, Photographer
Durham | CT | | Posted: 10:05 PM on 06.02.19
->> I purchased an Epson V550 about two months ago and have been getting excellent results scanning b&w as well as color negatives from the 80's. I just checked and found it online for $160.00 and $120.00 refurbished.

Whichever scanner you get don't think that the scanner features are fully going to eliminate scratches and dust. A little time prepping negatives before scanning saves a bunch of time trying to fix things in post. If you check Youtube there are several good videos to pick up tips on the process.
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Frank Niemeir, Photographer
Woodstock | GA | usa | Posted: 12:35 PM on 06.10.19
->> I am now of the mindset that the best and quickest way to scan your images is by using your DSLR
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Jayne Oncea, Photographer
Valencia | CA | USA | Posted: 1:28 PM on 06.10.19
->> I went with the pretty good and does what I need.. thanks for all of the info.
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Ron Erdrich, Photographer
Abilene | TX | USA | Posted: 8:00 PM on 04.17.20
->> Yeah, I gave up on trying to find a good neg scanner. I use the Nikon ES-2 with a 60 macro and my D5 set on raw.

For a light source, I use an 11x14 LED panel that costs maybe $20 and also works as a light table for looking at negs.

I mount my camera on a cheap table top tripod and use an equally cheap cable remote for the camera. I use the lowest ISO I can and when I expose, I lean more toward underexposing as that produces a more satisfactory base image.

Grain does seem to be emphasized a little more, but overall I'm satisfied with the rig. The entire setup was under $200 as I had the macro already. But even then, those go for around $350. Still a lot cheaper than blowing a lot of cash on a scanner and probably even better D-min and D-max exposure.
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Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami | Florida | USA | Posted: 3:30 PM on 08.02.21
->> I still have my Epson V500 PHOTO scanner, but the software never got updated for Apple's new 64-bit OS. I started looking around for options, but then found VueScan ( ).

My scanner works better than ever, and all the utilities that I though I lost work fine once again.

The V500 got replaced by the V600, and I'm sure there are even newer scanners, but my old V500 works just as well as it used to many years ago before Apple "broke" everything by going to 64-bit software. Epson was no help, and using their new scanning software was not very impressive.

Not sure if this helps with the original question, but if you have an old scanner which you've given up on ever getting it to work with Apple's newest OS, VueScan is something worth checking out.

(The reason this became important to me, is I decided I would start using my Leica M3 again, found a good local shop to develop the negatives, but needed a way to get them scanned so I could work with them on my MacOS. Other than for my forgetting so much about using the M3, things worked out great. That's another story, not really relevant to the question about a scanner.)
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Thread Title: BW Negative Scanner
Thread Started By: Jayne Oncea
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