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Photographer needs our help
Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 12:09 AM on 03.21.19
->> Hey guys, those of you in the State of Washington particular. Monday one of our own suffered a MASSIVE BRAIN STROKE. Those of you that new or know Damian Mulinix personally know his work and his talents in photojournalism has been award winning for close to 20 years in the SPJ's and WNPA's photo contests and the local small town papers.

I was told tonight he has a 20% chance of recovery and if he does recover life going forward would be assisted living at best or bound to staying at home off his feet.

I have started a GO Fund Me account for his wife and kids to offset what looks to be years of medical bills. If you new of Damian and his work or want to contribute to his Go Fund Me here is the link to the fundraiser I set up for him. I will be driving from Seattle, WA to Portland, Oregon on Thursday morning to see him first hand and try and help his family in any way.
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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer, Photo Editor
Galveston & Houston | TX | US | Posted: 6:37 PM on 03.21.19
->> Link to the GoFundMe campaign:

Damian's website:
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Steve Russell, Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada | Posted: 11:09 PM on 03.21.19
->> Thanks for this!

Some wonderful work on Damian's site!
The editorial work is amazing!
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 12:10 AM on 03.22.19
->> Follow up - I drove (3) hours from Seattle down to Portland to visit Damian today. The hospital took him off breathing machines and let him try to breath on his own.

Damian was able to open his eyes and look at people talking to him and slightly make a smile towards them. He currently has lost all functions on his Right eye (Shooter Eye), Right Arm and Right Leg. Damian is looking a Months if not years of recovery from this MASSIVE hemorrhagic stroke that was found dead center in his brain. The doctors have advised family that the next (7) days will be the most crucial in his recover from this stroke.

If your religious the family can use a prayer. If you want to help out his Go Fund Me account is
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 3:35 AM on 03.29.19
->> - UPDATE 03/21/2019
Damian was taken off the breathing machine and able to breath on his own today. He was surrounded by friends and family as he opened his eyes for the first time and slightly gave everybody in the room a joyful smirk / smile as he started to wake up. Those in the room took turns holding his hand, talking to him, hugging him and feeling Damian oh so softly touching them back. Though he could not speak, and movement was limited he was able to hold our hands and look at the person in front of him talking to him at that moment. Damiens Right Eye, Right Arm and Right Leg have been effected by this MASSIVE hemorrhagic stroke located in the center / left side of his brain.

-UPDATE 03/22/2019
Damian Mulinix's not out of the woods - swelling and bleeding on the brain are still a big risk for the next week. However, he is off of life support and recognizing his loved ones. He is very sad and confused and could use encouragement and reminders of what he's fighting for. So, Peninsula people, if you have a photo or a card you could share, Vinessa Karnofski and Jarrod Karnofski are there briefly today, and along with Nat's sister will be going by the Observer office in a bit and can collect things there. No live plants, please, they are not allowed in critical care. Thank you to all that have donated to this Go Fund Me, visited and reached out to us.

- UPDATE 3/24/2019
Damian is slowly coming along. With the switch of a female nurse from a male nurse his spirits have improved. No more trying to kick with his left leg at the male nurses head and more of a calm manner allowing the female nurse to wash him and brush his teeth. Natalie has been a trooper never leaving his side 24/7 and at times seeing glimpses of the old Damian before this stroke might it be a look, smirk or popping a feel or as she puts it "He's still in there". Damian is a fighter "HE'S GOT THIS" - Thanks to everybody who has donated, prayed and showed support.

- UPDATE 3/26/2019
Update, Damian has had a ruff 36 hours in the CCU unit. The hospital staff has informed the family that Damian will be in the CCU unit longer then planned. Damian vomited so hard his feeding tube came out which is necessary for food and medicines and his nose starter bleeding so they could not put the tube back in. The radiologist replaced it yesterday after giving Damian good meds to put his body at ease . We still have (3) days till the swelling risk goes down. The latest CT scan was unchanged despite slightly more swelling. For those coming up to visit a Lord of the rings book has been placed near his bed for everyone to read to him.

-UPDATE 3/27/2019
Things are pretty scary right now. Damian had a seizure yesterday morning, caused by increased swelling in his brain. He has been asleep almost constantly for almost 24 hours, which may be partly exhaustion from a tough couple of days and a long seizure. But it may also be a sign that his brain is under far too much pressure.
There are not a lot of options for treatment if the current one stops working. He will have a scan later today that will guide our decisions about what happens next.
For the moment, his vitals are stable, and we are hoping against hope for a change. Family and friends are rallying around him, and the love and support from all of you is helping us get through this awful time. His care team is phenomenal. The family is absolutely humbled by the kindness and generosity you've blessed thm with in this awful, heartbreaking week.

-UPDATES 3/28/2019
Damian had another CT scan yesterday with no signs of swelling. Yesterday he was more alert, more stable vitals but still needing LOTS of treatment. The family has decided to continue with the current treatment for as long as it works before deciding what to do next. Words from Natalia yesterday "I will still go the distance with him is that's what he wants and we make it out of this medical Hotel California". There is a Facebook Page set up for Damian - Mulinix love find it a join. Today we practice patience. No changes to Damian’s progress. Wait for his brain to heal, give him and Natalie St. John space to rest and be together. Support and comfort family and friends. And wait. Patience and wait is all we can do at this time.
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 3:10 AM on 03.30.19
->> -UPDATES 3/30/2019Sadly, Damian Mulinix’s journey is coming to the end. The decision to remove him from the CCU unit was tuff but it was time to place him in palliative care.  Life being institutionalized or severely, permanently handicapped was not a life he would ever want to live. Damian’s kidney’s are not flushing the meds out quick enough and his body is not recovering from meds / sleep and treatment.  Damian is currently surround by family in the palliative care unit of the hospital until he passes in the coming night / weekend.  Thank you all for your love, support and prayers. We will post when it is over. Damian has his family at his bedside.
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 6:14 PM on 03.30.19
->> -UPDATE 3/30/2019
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Steve Russell, Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada | Posted: 9:22 AM on 04.03.19
->> Wow, condolences to all his friends in this group and to his family.
Sad news.
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Wally Nell, Photographer
CINCINNATI | OH | USA | Posted: 4:37 PM on 04.03.19
->> Thanks for keeping us updated. Our prayers are with his family and friends.
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Thread Title: Photographer needs our help
Thread Started By: Jesse Beals
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