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FTP Server
Steve Roberts, Photographer
Bowling Green | KY | usa | Posted: 10:28 AM on 10.24.18
->> I am wanting to set up an FTP server on my mac. Does anyone recommend a good software that will let me transmit from my camera via a wt-5a to the server
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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer, Photo Editor
Galveston & Houston | TX | US | Posted: 10:56 AM on 10.28.18
->> Depends which version of macOS you are running.

If you are still on macOS 10.12.x "Sierra" or lower you can use the included FTPD server.

Simply download this little FTPD Enable App that allows you to start and stop the server:

(You can also start/stop the server on the command line, but this little app makes it a lot simpler and helps remind you if it is running or not.)

Usernames and passwords are controlled by the system users you mange in System Preferences.

If you have already upgraded to 10.13.x "High Sierra" or 10.14 "Mojave" it'll be a little more complicated since Apple removed FTP from the system for security reasons. You have a few approaches you can take in this case.

1. Buy an FTP Server in the App Store. I haven't personally tested this one, but it looks like a good inexpensive option that is probably the simplest path forward for most photographers:

2. Restore the FTP binary from a Time Machine or other system backup from before the upgrade past 10.12. (This can also be used for anyone who needs to restore the Telnet client.) Note that since you're grabbing an old binary, Apple isn't patching it for security vulnerabilities any more. Make sure to save a copy in case a later macOS upgrade removes it again.

In the backup you are looking for the binary file named simply "ftp" located in the folder "/usr/bin/". You'll probably need to enable the viewing of hidden files to navigate to this folder. (For readers who are still running 10.12 Sierra go make a copy of this file now in case you need it in the future.)

You'll then want to copy this "ftp" binary onto your current system, however place it inside "/usr/local/bin" which is a different location than where it was located in the backup.

The FTPD Enable App linked at the top of this post should now work to start and stop the FTP server.

3. Run a commercial FTP Server like Rumpus. This will be the most costly option, but it is very full featured and worth the money if you have a need for those advanced features:

4. Use Homebrew to install the FTPD server (I'm not generally a fan of Homebrew, but the option exists):
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Patrick Fallon, Photographer, Assistant
Torrance | California | USA | Posted: 1:58 AM on 10.29.18
->> You should look into using Distribute. Some of the wires are using it already.
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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer, Photo Editor
Galveston & Houston | TX | US | Posted: 11:03 AM on 10.29.18
->> Interesting. Distribute's website is pretty light on details though.
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Daniel Malmberg, Photographer
Huskvarna | Sweden | Sweden | Posted: 11:05 AM on 10.29.18
->> Steve!
If You´re using a newer version of Mac Os.
Check this:
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Chris Parent, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | United States | Posted: 10:06 PM on 10.29.18
->> I'll back up Daniel's recommendation of FTP Server in the app store. We use it daily for live transmitting and it works great. Just turn the app on, input the IP address it shows in camera and off you go.

It works great either locally on the same network or also if you have it setup and linked to a DynDNS address that can be permanent. That requires a bit more setup but also works well.
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Thread Title: FTP Server
Thread Started By: Steve Roberts
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