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why did my thread get pulled?
Rob Dicker, Photographer
Lake Villa | IL | USA | Posted: 5:15 PM on 10.17.18
->> I posted a message earlier this week saying that was probably leaving sportsshooter because there is so little activity and it didn't seem to be worth the annual fee.

The post must have been pulled down.

Can anyone tell me why it was removed without me being told?

Can anyone give me a valid reason that I should continue to pay the annual fee with so little return on the investment?
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Tim Cowie, Photographer, Photo Editor
Davidson | NC | USA | Posted: 5:30 PM on 10.18.18
->> Perhaps your thread answered itself? I don't know. Perhaps you made rhetorical statements?

I use the directory or purchase equipment from members. Sure I would like more content. Yet, I still get my monies worth.

Personal choice I guess.
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Michael Stevens, Photographer, Assistant
Glendale | AZ | USA | Posted: 6:02 PM on 02.06.19
->> I don't get here often but it's usually a good source of info. I just noticed today that the classified ads are down to one page and there were a total of THREE posts in the forum the entire month of January. I wonder what happened to the interest?
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Justin Berl, Photographer, Assistant
Moon Township | PA | USA | Posted: 2:10 PM on 02.09.19
->> I'm with Tim, $25 for access to the classifieds and The Guide is worth the cost for me. Would I like more stuff and or more transparency from the people behind the site? Sure, but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen.

In regards to Michael's post, I think interest is down because there are so many different groups on Facebook now. I'm an admin on one and belong to at least 3-4 others.
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Steven Mullensky, Photographer, Photo Editor
Port Townsend | WA. | USA | Posted: 8:02 PM on 02.17.19
->> I think part of the answer to that question, MIchael, that as this site has grown a number of new members brought their instagram, fb, and twitter mentality with them. What used to be fun and a source of information became a flame fest if someone didn't like the camera you used, the answer you gave or they just wanted to be au contraire. So, this is my opinion and you are free to disagree.
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Wally Nell, Photographer
CLEVELAND | OH | USA | Posted: 10:07 PM on 02.19.19
->> I agree Steven. This used to be a place where higher-level photographers visited regularly and offered their opinions, and what they said was valued.
Alas, with all the bickering and whatever else, most left.
I still think that $25 a year is great value for money. I get at least 2 jobs a year coming to me because of my membership here. Works fine for me.
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Ingelbert Lievaart II, Photographer
Hamilton | ON | Canada | Posted: 1:58 PM on 03.08.19
->> The group is what you make it. If you are in it then you can be a valuable part of it. If it's not interesting anymore then you are part of that equation. What's the use in bashing it when you can say something interesting and constructive? Yes, your post was informative but really doesn't encourage new talent from wanting to join and just discourages us old members from renewing. Which I did just the other day. Proudly and happily. The inspiration and information I have gleaned from this site over the years, plus several cameras from the classifieds and the friends that I have met here sure make that $25 worth it to me.
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Hal Henty, Photographer
Liverpool | NY | United States | Posted: 11:13 AM on 03.11.19
->> This is still the best $ 25.00 you can spend as a photographer. So much information in back records. If you really have a question it will be addressed properly.
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Steve Russell, Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada | Posted: 11:11 PM on 03.21.19
->> As someone who has let my visits to this site slip, I'll try to be more engaged!

On a side note, please visit the post about the photographer that needs help!
These are some of the great things that this site does!
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Walt Middleton, Photographer, Photo Editor
Columbus | OH | USA | Posted: 2:03 PM on 05.07.19
->> I used to be a lot more active on here than I am now. Now I find myself just looking for freelancers when I need another shooter. I've noticed the number of members has dropped close to half of where it was just a few years ago.
The main reason I stopped being as active as I once was is simple and been hit upon already. There were way too many individuals who spoke out of their ass without any actual knowledge or experience. I'm not saying everyone... but, way too many!
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Thread Title: why did my thread get pulled?
Thread Started By: Rob Dicker
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