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Editing at halftime
Harvey Levine, Photographer
Harrisburg | PA | | Posted: 8:52 PM on 09.12.17
->> What's the fastest way to edit and caption at halftime of football and basketball games. I'm shooting (football) with 3 cameras and I spend a big chunk of time ingesting into Photo Mechanic.
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John H. Reid III, Photographer
Gates Mills | OH | USA | Posted: 9:10 PM on 09.12.17
->> Don't ingest, just open the photos in Photoshop out of Photo Mechanic, edit, save the edited image, then ingest after the game.
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Tom Ewart, Photographer
Bentonville | AR | USA | Posted: 9:16 PM on 09.12.17
->> Pre write a Generic Caption save it as a template and load it in PM or PS or second choice write the bulk of the captin in somthing like notepad or word and have it saved to copy and paste..
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 9:26 PM on 09.12.17
->> Don't shoot so much. Seriously. Or spend big bucks for XQD cards and upgrade your laptop. Or also hire an assistant to act as a card runner to ingest while you stay on the film shooting. The more you shoot, the more you have to edit. You can also cut down your ingesting and editing time by deleting unusable images in-camera before you ingest.

A method I use is to go back to the days when we all shot film and filled out caption envelopes. Today, I use 3x5 coin envelopes from Staples -- one card per envelope. With each play I write down what I shot and star (*) good ones. When I ingest, each card goes into its own folder -- 101, 102, 103, etc. and I write down the folder number at the top of the envelope. This is the same as when we used to twin-tag film. Then when I start editing I go straight to the envelopes that have stars on them and find the frames. I also shoot a blank/black frame after each good play. That way I can quickly go to the blank frame and back up a few for the good action. Blank frames act as a visual marker in your take. I also shoot the scoreboard after each TD so if I have to go back for a particular score I can find it easily.

Another thing is to not use huge 64- and 128-gig cards that hold thousands of images. I shoot mostly with 4- and 8-gig cards which give me 100-200 photos per card when shooting RAW. I have more cards and envelopes, but it makes getting to starred photos much faster.

For you, you would have three cards for the first quarter and three for the second. If you organize your workflow (envelopes and stars) as you make pictures, finding what you need during halftime will be a piece of cake.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 9:34 PM on 09.12.17
->> The above was to speed up your picture editing. To speed up your caption writing -- if you're using Photo Mechanic -- is to create replacement code text files of all the players prior to the game. Also create a generic caption template (IPTC) such as "XXX during the YYY quarter...." Then when you do your mass captioning sub out the YYY for the quarter, and when you find a select you can sub out the XXX for the replacement code which automatically inserts the player's team, name, position and jersey number followed by what is happening -- tackles, sacks, scores, etc.

All this is the homework that has to be done before you get to the game itself to save you a boat load of time at halftime.
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Bradley Leeb, Photographer
Champaign | IL | USA | Posted: 10:22 PM on 09.12.17
->> Tag photos along the way. Don't ingest during the game, just open your memory card as a contact sheet and show only tagged photos. Run through those and find your selects and copy them to a predetermined folder on the desktop and edit from there. Do a complete ingest after the game at home from the couch while having a beer.
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Michael Coons, Photographer
Camarillo | CA | USA | Posted: 12:30 AM on 09.13.17
->> I like to tag photos (sometimes 1, 2 or 3 photos from a play) in-between action and record voice notes with details of that play. With Photo Mechanic you can ingest only tagged images and apply pre-set caption info. I ingest far fewer than the whole card.
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Andrew Nelles, Photographer
Nashville | TN | USA | Posted: 4:42 PM on 09.13.17
->> Tag as you shoot, pre-written base captions, and code replacements.

If ingesting cards is taking too long, might be time to upgrade cards and/or card readers.
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Chris Keane, Photographer, Photo Editor
Charlotte | NC | USA | Posted: 8:35 PM on 09.15.17
->> Lot of variables here.
1. What camera and file size are you shooting?
2. What card reader(s) are you using?
3. What type of computer/hard drive do you have?
4. What memory cards are you using?

I would always ingest! A few have said to tag in the camera, that will help as Photo Mechanic will ingest those files first so if you have the preference to to open contact sheet during ingest you will start seeing your tagged files while the other are still working. With that you would be able to work while the card is still ingesting.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 8:46 AM on 09.16.17
->> Another variable question to add to Chris' list is what type camera you have. Only the high end most expensive bodies allow you to tag and add an audio file clip to a frame as another person wrote. The majority of cameras do not have these features.

For those who have bodies that can tag and audio, great. For those who do not, then use good old caption envelopes as your tagging method. You can also write down the frame number of the image from your camera's display screen onto the envelope. That way you can scroll to the pix very fast.
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Valerie Shoaps, Photographer
Santa Cruz | CA | US | Posted: 1:34 AM on 09.17.17
->> I use the same method as Bradley and use voice memos extensively (Nikon has had this feature since the D3 series). I also use an IPTC template as Doug does. I make one for each game I shoot. Usually it's just changing a few things here and there for each game. I save all of my templates, which was helpful for MLB. Using Code Replacements saves an incredible amount of time. Typing sf28 is a lot faster and error proof than writing "San Francisco catcher Buster Posey (28)".

Going a step further ...

For editing on the field, I have PM to Auto Ingest, so it automatically ingests as soon as a card is inserted into a connected reader. I have it set to "Copy Locked Photos Only" and "Apply IPTC". If there's a lot of tagged images, I can still shoot on the second card in the body. I also tick off "Unmount Source Disk After Ingest", to make things just another bit faster.
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Randy Sartin, Photographer, Assistant
Knoxville | TN | USA | Posted: 5:29 PM on 09.17.17
->> I love voice tagging and Photo Mechanic, here's a quick workaround for cameras without it.

Set video to record as small of a file as possible. On the Nikon D500 I also turn the wind and voice filters on. When you want to tag just start recording video and talk :) On lots of cameras this is no more than two buttons and you're done, the file shows up in Photo Mechanic sequentially and can be played from PM.

Not quite as good as the real thing, but works well for me.
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Hilary Scheinuk, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | USA | Posted: 1:24 AM on 10.30.17
->> I second Andrew. I was coming to post this

"Tag as you shoot, pre-written base captions, and code replacements."

I use voice memos, tags, ingest with most captions built, and use code replacements. I've shot a half of football and turned it around in less than halftime. Once you find your rhythm, you're golden.
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Thread Title: Editing at halftime
Thread Started By: Harvey Levine
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