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Noise Reduction Program
Olyn Taylor, Photographer
Pearland | TX | USA | Posted: 12:56 PM on 07.24.17
->> Hello! Those who shoot at high ISO (Basketball, night time high school football/baseball... What program do you find works the best at reducing the noise? I have LightRoom, but just not too impressed with it's noise reduction. Just downloaded the trial of Topaz DeNoise 6. I would love to hear pros & cons of other programs.
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David Dennis, Photographer
Bakersfield | Ca | US | Posted: 12:44 AM on 07.25.17
->> I use LR. With my Nikon D3s and D5 I don't need much to smooth out what little bit of noise is in the images at 8K and 10K ISO. I haven't really tried any other software besides LR.
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Paul DiSalvo, Photographer
Highlands Ranch | CO | United States of America | Posted: 3:45 PM on 07.25.17
->> If you can still get it, Nik Dfine does a pretty good job and, if still around, is free. I've got some old CS5 actions that I use for bulk batch game galleries. Slightly better than Lr IMHO. Nik has a way of targeting noisy areas vs smoothing the whole image. Sometimes I use Nik, Sometimes Lr. In either case, sometimes it takes a little sharpening to undo what noise reduction does. I've used Nik Sharpener Pro and Lr for that. NR and Sharpening tend to counteract each other so one day they help, next day they make worse.
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Samuel Lewis, Photographer
Miami | FL | USA | Posted: 5:04 PM on 07.26.17
->> I tried Topaz DeNoise when searching for a replacement for Noise Ninja (which, at one point, did not update its Photoshop plugin, and when it finally updated its software, the company went in a different direction with a standalone program). While DeNoise worked generally well, I also found that it did not work fast enough to use on deadline (DeNoise was taking longer to apply noise reduction than all of the other editing steps, e.g., cropping, adjusting exposure, etc., combined).

I ended up settling on Imagenomic's Noiseware plugin for Photoshop. The plugin allows for a great deal of control, but also works very quickly once you've figured out what settings work best with your cameras at certain ISOs.

The only quirk I encountered with Noiseware is that if your workflow is keyboard-based (as mine is; I've assigned a series of function keys to trigger different adjustments), it can cause an error in the software and crash PS. Using a mouse or trackpad to apply the noise reduction settings seems to avoid crashing PS.

The other thing to consider is where you are using the noise reduction software in your workflow. When I started working with NoiseNinja, the thinking was that it should be applied as the last step so that you can balance sharpening (which introduces noise into the image) with noise reduction. Software like Noiseware is intended to be run much earlier in the workflow (I use it immediately after any exposure adjustments, which can also introduce some noise depending upon how shadows are adjusted), and then apply any sharpening as the last step in the workflow.

Hope this helps.
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Andrew Dolph, Photographer
Akron | OH | United States | Posted: 2:19 PM on 07.27.17
->> I second Lightroom for noise reduction as an integrated step in my file processing. No added sharpening is needed, as that's what the contrast slider essentially accomplishes in the particular module pane.

Back in the day, I used to use Noise Ninja as a add-on to Photoshop when I was shooting at a newspaper with Nikon D2h's. LR really is the way ...
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Thread Title: Noise Reduction Program
Thread Started By: Olyn Taylor
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