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White shirt, bright, bright day = no focus
Andrew Katsampes, Photographer
Melrose | MA | USA | Posted: 6:15 PM on 05.20.17
->> Any advice? Today was a bright day, my target lacrosse team was wearing white shirts. My focus point was on the bigger target shirt rather than smaller target face - small for me and also inconvenient location. Quick mode. Canon 1DX, with a single focus point expanded (little boxes) left, right, above, and below (AF Point Expansion by 4, not 8, one primary focus point). Heat refraction from the field was not the issue because the players were filling the frame. The players were not at entire length of field. They were close. However 680 images, 600+ were soft.
In summary, how do you achieve focus on a bright day, white shirt and focus point on the shirt? White pants as well.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 10:52 PM on 05.20.17
->> Manual focus. Seriously. But then, I'm old school having learned how to follow focus long before auto-focus became the norm. It's all about training one's eye and it takes a lot of work to do so. But when you can do it you can switch focus from the quarterback to the pending doom of the tackler in an instant without moving the camera/lens to select a new focus target.
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Andrew Nelles, Photographer
Nashville | TN | USA | Posted: 10:45 AM on 05.21.17
->> I usually track on faces if there is nothing of contrast on the uniforms, more contrast to grab in that situation. Also, with the 1DX AF Point Expansion always hurt more than it helped in my experience, I stick with single point.
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Frank Niemeir, Photographer
Woodstock | GA | usa | Posted: 11:35 AM on 05.21.17
->> This was manual focus Nikkor 400mm f3.5 of a broken bat followed into dugout and came back to get the back swing
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Craig Mitchelldyer, Photographer, Assistant
Portland | OR | USA | Posted: 9:18 AM on 05.24.17
->> This also could be from heat waves on the field causing softness in the images.
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Paul Alesse, Photographer
Coram | NY | USA | Posted: 11:48 PM on 05.29.17
->> 600 soft images is a lot. I mean a real lot. Even if there were no areas of contrast on a shirt, the camera is not that bad. I'm thinking something else is at play. Do you have sample images full rez that we can look at?

Even though you mention that convection currents from the ground didn't play a role, I'm thinking that it did. Less than 25% sharp images are usually a result of those heat currents. They can really sink their teeth into a shoot.
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 4:56 PM on 06.01.17
->> One thing you might try is to pump the AF button which reacquires focus. I've done that with soccer / white uniforms / bright sunny days. Even during fast moving action, I have found that this technique keeps the lens from "hunting" and locking on the target.

The 1DXII seems to eliminate this issue but I still do it with my 1DX bodies. The new 360,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor on the 1DXII is the difference IMO.
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Thread Title: White shirt, bright, bright day = no focus
Thread Started By: Andrew Katsampes
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