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Sideline Footwear
Ken Lanese, Photographer
Tallahassee | FL | USA | Posted: 12:48 PM on 04.10.17
->> Any suggestions? As I get older, the day after a game on the sidelines begins to feel like I played in the game instead of shooting on the sidelines.

Any suggestions on the most comfortable shoes to be stannding in all day for a big guy? (6-3, 300+)
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Michael Okoniewski, Photographer
Syracuse | NY | USA | Posted: 3:02 PM on 04.11.17
->> I wear Merrill footwear. Their light hiking shoes. I am a big boy too and found I need to swap them out every 3-4 months because I compress the padding.
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Brad Tollefson, Photographer
Lubbock | TX | USA | Posted: 7:03 PM on 04.11.17
->> Another vote here for Merrell shoes, the Moab line specifically. The Vibram soles are especially durable, and the waterproof version handles the rain well while shooting assignments in the weather. They also pair well with light/medium weight wool socks.
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Dave Prelosky, Photographer
Lower Burrell | Pa | US | Posted: 11:17 PM on 04.11.17
->> I've been having better luck with ASICS as they seem to have a higher arch. Of course the mesh build doesn't work in rain, snow, or cold but that's why there are Merrell's...
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Kevin Bartram, Photographer, Photo Editor
McKinney | TX | USA | Posted: 4:00 AM on 04.12.17
->> After many years and several pairs I'm done with Merrell. I have a pair with a few months of use and the sole is separating from the shoe. These were a warranty replacement for a pair that had the same issue after two months.

These last two pairs were also supposedly Goretex but never did much to stop water from penetrating. I'm giving Keen a try now, so far so good.

I used to have similar problems with foot pain after a long day on the sidelines. Dropping 100 pounds solved that.
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Philip Johnson, Photographer
Garland | TX | USA | Posted: 11:16 AM on 04.12.17
->> I would go one step further then what has been suggested and go with a hiking boot. Something that laces up to the ankle. These types of boots are made to support your feet and help support your ankles when getting up and down from the ground. I would suggest checking out the nearest REI.
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Paul DiSalvo, Photographer
Highlands Ranch | CO | United States of America | Posted: 2:20 PM on 04.12.17
->> The Salamon light hikers are good options too. They come in several fabrics, with/without GoreTex, some insulated for really cold (probably not an issue in FL). What Philip said on REI is good advice and a great place to start.
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Marvin Gentry, Photographer
Birmingham | AL | USA | Posted: 9:09 PM on 04.12.17
->> Under armour boots are good. I had the same issues with Merrels and about 3 years ago I switch.
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Rob Dicker, Photographer
Lake Villa | IL | USA | Posted: 10:03 PM on 04.17.17
->> you may want to consider orthotics.

then get some lightweight hikers or good walkers
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Rudy Hardy, Photographer
Houston | Tx | USA | Posted: 10:30 PM on 04.18.17
->> I have Merrell and Columbia and like them equally!
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 3:03 PM on 04.19.17
->> @Ken - The most likely cause of foot pain is scar tissue in the planters tendons. I actually tore both of mine at the same time 3 years ago. After they healed, the pain began to increase with time. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who sent me to rehab for a "at home" program.

First, you need to break up the scar tissue (which hurts like hell). Next you need to do a series of stretching exercises. I followed my PT's advice and in about 3 weeks my pain was history.

Now, with that said, you can Google all of this and go at it alone or you can do it under the instruction and supervision of a trainer who knows what the heck they are actually doing. Athletic trainers deal with these types of issues every day so my PT is actually an AT. The cost was reasonable and I do everything at home with periodic check-ins to measure range of motion and pain.

If I every have pain, my AT is the first person I consult.
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Matthew Hinton, Photographer
New Orleans | LA | USA | Posted: 9:18 AM on 04.20.17
->> Orthofeet Biofit insoles are good orthotics. They mold from the heat of your foot. I put them in all my shoes.

Merrell is nice if you have narrow feet. But if you have wider feet try Drew shoes and boots which go up to 6E or two sizes wider than Merrel's widest. I wear the Drew Bexley as a slip-on formal shoe for most things and then switch to a Drew Men's Rockford Boot for when it gets muddy and wet.

I like lighter colored shoes because of the heat where I live. I've had dark shoes feel like an oven wearing them on artificial turf on a hot day. So go for a lighter color shoe if you live in a sunny hot climate.
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Thread Title: Sideline Footwear
Thread Started By: Ken Lanese
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