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Jersey Photographers to pay sales tax on mail order to B&H
Ed Ruping, Photographer
Hopatcong | NJ | usa | Posted: 2:01 PM on 01.19.17
->> Well, a $0.23 gal gas tax and now we have to pay sales tax on mail order purchases from B&H.

B&H is opening up a fulfillment center in NJ and so with an outlet located in the state they must charge sales tax. Aren't we lucky to live in the Garden State!

Here is the e-mail from B&H;

Important Message to New Jersey Customers

Dear Ed,

B&H is expanding its distribution network to better serve our customers and will soon operate a fulfillment center in the state of New Jersey.

Our new facility will allow us to process and ship your orders faster; it also means that we will begin collecting sales tax on orders shipped to New Jersey addresses, starting on February 1st.

We wanted you to be among the first to know, since our records indicate that you’ve used a NJ shipping address in the past.

If you have any questions about taxes, or if you are a tax exempt entity and would like to set up your tax exemption with us, please contact our tax department:

B&H Photo Tax Department
(212) 444 5031 or
(800) 259 8941

We are grateful for your patronage and appreciate this opportunity to continue offering you the best possible service at every level.


Customer Service Team
B&H Photo Video & Audio
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Marvin Gentry, Photographer
Birmingham | AL | USA | Posted: 9:33 AM on 01.20.17
->> Sorry ya'll are having to pay the tax , but all states need to collect the sales tax from these companies. Atlanta's photographic SHowcase is closing and Wolf Camera in Birmingham has already closed. I am sure its because people just went to look at equipment there and then left only to order from mail order. Yes I am guilty of this also though everytime I did go to WOlf they didnt have anything I was looking for, But your local retailers are paying a hefty price of us doing this. Your local stores can match the sale price of the item but they cant do away with the sales tax.
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Christopher Kays, Photographer, Photo Editor
Benton | IL | USA | Posted: 9:59 AM on 01.20.17
->> In Illinois, we're required to pay sales tax for online orders when we file our tax returns.
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Marvin Gentry, Photographer
Birmingham | AL | USA | Posted: 1:42 PM on 01.20.17
->> Chris in Alabama we are also but there is no checks and balances.
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Gene Boyars, Photographer
Manalapan | NJ | United States | Posted: 6:55 PM on 01.20.17
->> Paying sales tax on mail order/online purchases is not new for New Jersey. If you stop and read your state income tax form there is a line where they ask you to declare and pay the sales tax on your out of state purchases. The state tax officials have been monitoring B&H, Adorama, etc for years and sending out bills to NJ taxpayers. Adorama has been collecting the NJ sales tax for years because their warehouse is in Elizabeth, NJ, it sounds like B&H is opening a facility in NJ as well in addition to their facility at the old Brooklyn Navy Yard or maybe they are just moving to all to NJ after the bad PR they got over wage disputes at the Navy Yard....anyway, the only thing new is B&H collecting the tax instead of NJ officials chasing you for it.
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Preston Mack, Photographer
Orlando | FL | | Posted: 10:00 PM on 01.25.17
->> You are supposed to pay a use tax to your state if you purchase out of state goods. You eventually will be audited by your state, and if your write off on your purchases do not have a corresponding use tax paid, you will have to pay that tax and a penalty and interest.
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Thread Title: Jersey Photographers to pay sales tax on mail order to B&H
Thread Started By: Ed Ruping
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