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Have you ever been yelled at by a coach?
Joe Brown, Photographer
Woburn | MA | USA | Posted: 2:08 AM on 09.29.03
->> Today while covering the football game which was postponed due to Rosh Hashannah (Happy New Year ALL!) I was reminded of last years game in which the Reading HS football coach bitched me out on the sidelines in the middle of the game. He said " Goddammit Brownie, stop taking my goddamn picture! I am in the goddamn paper more goddamn times times than goddamn George Bush!!!!!!).

This coach, whom I have known for better then 20 years (heck he was my HS gym teacher!), was in the predicament of losing today, and I was shooting his veins bulging and him screaming at the kids and other coaches and referees. He looked right at me, and I thought we would have a repeat of what happened a year ago.

So I was just wondering, any of you get bitched out by a coach for a real/perceived hurt to him or her?

Joe Brown
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Michael Hickey, Photographer
Muncie | IN | USA | Posted: 2:20 AM on 09.29.03
->> Not a coach, but Tony Stewart said practically the same thing to me once.
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David Albers, Student/Intern, Photographer
Saint Louis | MO | United States | Posted: 2:38 AM on 09.29.03
->> That is the one thing that I really have a hard time comprehending about high school sports is to see a middle-aged, beer bellied, washed up coach belittling other people (children half his age) in the name of competition and discipline. As an outsider, we photogs have a great deal of perspective on these grown man throwing a temper fit over a game. A game. Nothing more, nothing less. Some of these "coaches" have their athletes believing that their entire lives are riding on a simple game. To me, what really is riding on the situation is whether the athletes are learning good life experiences from the game or are they learning aggression and WIN! WIN! WIN!

I have never really been bitched by a coach, but I look forward to the day when I do. It'll make for some good pictures.
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Ryan Gardner, Photographer
Corvallis | OR | USA | Posted: 2:52 AM on 09.29.03
->> Not yelled at by a coach, but I once was covering an Arena football game -- where they are practically begging for people to fill the seats and even more, any type of media coverage.

The quarterback was a former Oregon State standout (now all but washed up and clinging to the last threads of his football life) and we were doing a little story about him.

He was having an awful day, and I was shooting him running off the field in the third quarter or something when he starts yelling and pointing toward the end zone. I thought this is great, I'm finally getting something with a little emotion -- when I realized this big guy in full pads and a helmet is pointing at me -- now running toward me -- yelling "put the f---ing camera down now," and now in a dead sprint my way, leaping over one of the little sideline rails and pretty darn close to me.

I just instinctively put the camera down because I didn't know if I was going to have to defend my self or what exactly was even going on, he then yelled something else and returned to the bench.

I still regret to this day I didn't do something about it, but I was so mad and so shocked that this really happened, I didn't really know what to do. Though I'm 99% positive had I not put the camera down he would have broke the lens off right there.

I wrote it off to him being a huge ass and just left it at that. And I'm pretty sure we ran a photo of him pissed off running and pointing at me.
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Jack Gruber, Photographer
San Francisco | CA | USA | Posted: 11:57 AM on 09.29.03
->> Detroit Red Wings former coach Scotty Bowman hurled a stick my way while shooting team skate during NHL playoffs.
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA | Posted: 12:04 PM on 09.29.03
->> I had the Dodgers' Kirk Gibson come after me with a baseball bat once.

That count?
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Scott Sommerdorf, Photographer, Photo Editor
SF | CA | USA | Posted: 1:08 PM on 09.29.03
->> Robert;

But Gibson was hobbling so much that you were able to outrun him? ha!
( I can STILL see him limping around the bases after that HR off Eck)
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Dan Crawley, Photographer
Cumberland | RI | USA | Posted: 1:25 PM on 09.29.03
->> I brought a friend to Patriots training camp with me about 10 years ago and while I was on one side of the field shooting drills, I hear 1st year coach Bill Parcells screaming at his security guys to clear this g*ddamn pgotographer out of his way and keep him the hell off the field. As I looked closer, there was my friend running in the opposire direction with Parcells pointing at him threatening to kick his ass if he got in the way again. When I finally got to hear my friends version of the event, he explained that while looking through the cameras viewfinder, he wanted to get a little closer and kept walking forward until he got the shot he wanted, unfortunately he never thought to keep his non-shooting eye open and actually walked right into Parecells. I guess I should have given him a quick lesson on how to use a zoom lens.......Oh well, it makes for a good Tuna story......
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Rich Pilling, Photographer
New York | NY | U.S.A. | Posted: 1:25 PM on 09.29.03
->> Hey Bert: Gibson is a pussycat I never let him nor anyone intimidate me. Although, with Gibby7 holding a bat...... well, then maybe.

When Bobby Knight was still coaching at IU, I had a portait shoot scheduled with him. When I arrived on campus the S.I.D. brought me over to the gym where we waited for practice to end. The S.I.D. and I were talking just OUTSIDE the open door to the gym when Knight stops practice and begins screaming and yelling at the S.I.D. and myself. You never heard more profanity in your life!! He did rattle my cage a little bit. And I was also wondering what my portrait sesson with him was going to be like. Well, after practice was over, I set up my lights and waited for Knight to show. When he finally arrived (late of course to let ME know WHO the boss was) he was a pussy cat. The tantrums were a thing of the past, and Bobby was very pleasant during the entire shoot.

I covered the New York Giants when they used to practice at Pace University. I had a shoot scheduled with Lawrence Taylor. So I arrived early (as every good photographer should do) and waited on the sidelines for practice to end. I honestly don't know what I did to piss off Bill Parcells, but I looked up to see him GLARING at me. If you have ever seen Parcells glare, you know that was enough to make you wet your pants. I know that he didn't yell at me, but the glare was just the same.
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Baron Sekiya, Photographer
Kailua-Kona | HI | USA | Posted: 1:28 PM on 09.29.03
->> I had John Thompson yell at me once to get out of his huddle (I was shooting it on the fringe), this was when Patrick Ewing was playing for him at Georgetown.
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Joshua Greer, Student/Intern
Chapel Hill | NC | USA | Posted: 3:37 PM on 09.29.03
->> I ran into UNC kicker Dan Orner on the field last season while changing sides. I was moving fast and tried to cut in behind him, but he was practicing his kicks and he backed into me. I put out my hand and ran into his back, apologized, and moved on. Just as I kneeled down in my spot this huge coach grabbed my shoulder and started screaming at me. "Don't you run into my @$%ing player! You get out of his @$%# way, he's playing a game here! I'll have your ass thrown out of here, I don't care who you are!" I told him that it was an accident and I had already apologized to the kicker, and he went away.

I think he was just some strength coach who wanted to feel like he was important. I thought it was funny that he emphasized that he was playing a GAME. It's just a game folks, no one's life is on the line.
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David A. Cantor, Photo Editor, Photographer
Toledo | OH | USA | Posted: 3:46 PM on 09.29.03
->> None other than Bill "Mad Dog " Madlock ripping me for shooting into the dugout when he was with the Buffalo Bisons a few seasons back. But the best was Earl Weaver telling me to "get the f*#k out of [his] way" in the tunnel to the visitors' locker room in Yankee Stadium while devouring a bagel slathered in cream cheese. Glad I was wearing a rain jacket!
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Rich Pilling, Photographer
New York | NY | U.S.A. | Posted: 5:00 PM on 09.29.03
->> David: Who was eating the bagel? You or Earl?

And Weaver was FAMOUS for yelling at you or having one of his players yell at you if you took a photo in his dugout.
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David A. Cantor, Photo Editor, Photographer
Toledo | OH | USA | Posted: 5:20 PM on 09.29.03
->> Rich,
It was Earl.......mine would have lox, bermuda onion, tomato and capers in addition to the cream cheese!
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Jake Schoellkopf, Photographer
Albuquerque | NM | USA | Posted: 5:33 PM on 09.29.03
->> Manager Tony Gwynn spoke "loudly" at me to get out of the San Diego St. dugout when I set one foot on the dugout step trying to get a better angle on some dejected players after their loss to UNLV at the MWC championship game in Albuquerque this May.
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Ken Babbitt, Photographer
Scituate | MA | USA | Posted: 6:15 PM on 09.29.03
->> Ahhh, I've been waiting for a thread like this !! For the most part, I've always had a good relationship with coaches,etc.But once,way back in 1990(or so), I was in Arizona for spring training,and this particular day I was in the Cubs minor league camp to shoot their 1st round pick from the previous June,among others. As I always did,and still do, I approached the kid,and said that when he wasn't too busy, I'd like a couple minutes of his time. He went over to ask the permission of coach Jimmy Piersall. As soon as the words made their way into Piersall's ear, he screamed "F%&K HIM",and soon was over to share a few of his thoughts with me. Being both a longtime baseball fan, and also being from Boston, I knew all about him, and his reputation(plus I'd seen "Fear Strikes Out" way too many times),so I didn't know whether he was going to attack me with his fungoe, or go climb the backstop !! He swore at me for a bit,and then walked away. I made my way to visit with the farm director,and told him that all I was trying to do was get a few posed shots of this kid(who never made it past AA), and that I didn't have a problem waiting. He must've had plenty to say to the former Red Sox OF, as it was just a little while before I received an apology from JP, and also his "okay" to shoot the kid, but would I mind shooting him just from the waist up, because the kid had gained a lot of weight over the winter. I got my shots, and moved on.
That was really the only time that anything like that has happened, but I'll never forget being cursed out by that lunatic !!
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Ron Scheffler, Photographer
Hamilton (Toronto area) | Ontario | Canada | Posted: 6:23 PM on 09.29.03
->> Yeah, by a coach of a kids' ice hockey team during a tournament a couple summers ago. He was irate that I dared to use on camera flash while photographing the game, which was being played in a poorly lit arena (which I guess would make the flash even more obvous). His argument was that it would momentarily blind or disorientate the players, potentially putting them at danger.... There wasn't any point in arguing with him as it wasn't worth the ordeal.... of explaining that I'm only using the flash for fill, it's not firing at full power, etc. Though not having been in the position of being a player on the ice and being photographed, I can't entirely discount his argument.
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Jeff Stanton, Photographer
Tucson | AZ | USA | Posted: 6:34 PM on 09.29.03
->> Arizona head football coach John Mackovic did his best two weeks ago to embarrass me during his weekly press conference. I just smiled and politely answered his questions. Afterwards, I went up and formally introduced myself.

Yesterday, he was fired!
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Krista Hicks Benson, Photographer
Newtown | CT | USA | Posted: 6:58 PM on 09.29.03
->> I've gotten yelled at twice (so far!)

Years ago, a ref stopped a high school summer league baseball game because I had left my camera bag in the field of play. I had no idea it was the field of play (foul territory) and I was mortified as play stopped and all eyes were on me as I retrieved the bag.

Last year at a Patriots game I stopped behind the players bench to take a headshot of a player, not knowing that I was breaking NFL rule 101: Never stop behind the players bench. One of the Patriot's assistants went ballistic and accused me of knowingly breaking the rule. I have never seen such fury! He threatened to throw me out for this and all other games. I calmly explained that I did not realize it was not allowed and I would NEVER do it again. He reluctantly let me go, but still seemed incredulous that I didn't know that rule. (I swear, I really didn't!)

Live and learn.
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D. Ross Cameron, Photographer
Oakland | CA | USA | Posted: 9:21 PM on 09.29.03
->> Ah, the Big Tuna. He must really hate photogs. My first-ever assignment to shoot pro football was a New York Giants minicamp at the Meadowlands in the spring of 1985. Parcells had the rookies running 40s and then laps around the field. I thought I would get a quick shot of a group of them with the 300 and then get out of the way as they came toward me. Big mistake.

Like I said, first time shooting the bigs -- I had no idea how *fast* those f***ers are. Nearly got run over, and if one of the players had decked me as they went past on either side of me, I'm sure the Tuna would have given him the game ball. Parcells took one look at me and said, "I guess next time, you'll keep your sorry ass off the field, won't you?"

I like to think that I'm the idiot who saw to it that press photogs got to shoot from the public areas after that.

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Mark Goldman, Photographer
Silver Spring | MD | USA | Posted: 9:54 PM on 09.29.03
->> Lou Pinella. The Tampa Bay bullpen was blowing up (again) in Baltimore, and I was shooting into the dugout from the Inside well. Lou looks over at me, I shoot him and then his face scrunches all up and he screamed: "Get that F***ing camera out of my F***ing dugout and my F***ing face. The F***ing game is out there (gesteruring towards the field), not F***ing in here. And I am not F***ing kidding." (as he starts walking towards me.)

It was so ridiculous that I started to laugh. Not a subtle laugh, but rolling on the floor laughter. Some of the guys in the dugout, who had seen and certainly heard the whole thing started laughing too. Which just made Lou madder.

I mentioned it the next day to Orioles Bench coach, Sam Perlozzo, who has known Lou for years. He thought it was pretty mild compared to some of the tirades he had heard. That is the only time in all my time, anyone has ever yelled at me. Is that why they call him "Sweet" Lou?
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Jeff Frings, Photographer
Milwaukee | WI | USA | Posted: 8:43 PM on 09.30.03
->> I got yelled at by the coach of my high school's freshman basketball team during a tryout, does that count.
But seriously I never have, but I witnessed one of the dumbest photogs I've ever seen get yelled at. He should have been banned from covering the team altogether.
It was a Marquette basketball practice. They were doing a little mini scrimmage and this photog walks right out on to the court without ever looking up from camera. The coach stops play and tells him he can't be on the court,for reasons obvious to every one but the pj. well he goes to the sidelines and a few minutes later there he goes back out onto the court. I think the only reason the coach didn't ream him worse is because he was so amazed that anyone would so stupid
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Neate Sager, Photographer
Portage la Prairie | MB | CANADA | Posted: 4:06 AM on 10.06.03
->> Generally you get shat on by spectators where I work (small daily). "Hey, we paid $8 to sit here, get out of our way!" I always want to say, "You should have got here earlier; it's general admission seating, dillhole."
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Jeff Gabbard, Photographer
Connersville | IN | USA | Posted: 10:06 AM on 10.06.03
->> Although it wasn't a coach, I did have a JUNIOR VARSITY basketball referee tell me I had to stop using my ceiling mounted strobes when the players were shooting. (Not free throws, mind you, but during the game!) I politely told him I had the permission of the Athletic Director and it was NOT against IHSAA rules, so I continued to shoot. Later I met with him and reviewed the rule with him. (Since I have been a licensed official for over 20 years, I felt he would appreciate the help, which he did.) Just another case of someone in a uniform abusing their power...
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Dan Dalstra, Photographer
Hannibal | MO | USA | Posted: 10:26 AM on 10.06.03
->> Opening day of high school football season and I, as well as the other photogs covering small town foot ball, got nuked by a referee for being infront of the line that the players stand behind, even though we weren't near the players. He stopped play to tell us to move back. He even continued to yell at us throughout the game if we came anywhere near the field. I wanted to say, "Hey, this aint the Rams, baby", but instead, I went to the other side of the field and shot from there. Maybe it was his first game.
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Tom Braid, Photographer, Photo Editor
Edmonton | AB | Canada | Posted: 10:39 AM on 10.06.03
->> During the last NHL players strike, work stoppage or whatever you want to call it we got a call that one of the coaches was at the indoor golf dome hitting some long-balls. The call came from on of the employees of the place so when I arrived I just walked in.

I starting shooting him with a 300mm for a few frames as he was right there, I started walking towards him as I thought I should at least say hello but I did not get far. He saw me and broke into an major yelling fest with colourful words and don't you have anything decency blah, blah, blah while he was pointing his driver at me. I was still a ways off so it was not in my face of anything but man was he ever pissed at me for being there.

We had already run a picture of Bernie Nichols on the links and I guess that did not look good from there said of things.......

It was one of those outbursts that you can hear and get every once and awhile at a fatal car crash or house fire........ but for an indoor golf photo??

Coaches can be pretty tense some days and shooters are a way to easy target to vent off at. It is not like the paper is going to let us write a column about them for doing it like they would for the beat reporter!!!
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Brian Jackson, Photographer, Student/Intern
South San Francisco | CA | USA | Posted: 12:26 PM on 10.06.03
->> No, but I was 'yelled' at my Tina Fisher of the LPGA on Friday. She was having a HORRIBLE round, and was looking for excuses. She said I was taking images during her swing before she hit the ball. Lots of dirty looks and 'told' the green managers.

All I can say is, thankfully I'm shooting digital. Whipped up the images on the LCD, and said "look at the images I took, here's the ball, here's the club. After her swing"

BTW, she shot 83 in the 2nd round. I've shot an 81 on that course, in a tournament, from the same tees :O And I'm a 10!
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Steven E. Frischling, Photographer
Amherst | MA | USA | Posted: 12:47 PM on 10.06.03
->> This past Saturday SS member Gerald Ling and myself were minding our own business standing behind the "dotted" line at the UMass vs UNH football game when one of the Ass't Coaches turned to us and shouted loud enough for the stands to here "What part of photographers need to be behind the lines did you not understand?"

Well for starters we were behind the line, and a student with a small video camera was in front of the lines who kept getting in front of our lenses, no one said anything.

I have no idea who this ass't coach is, he wasn't there when I shot the team photos this year, and was not there the past two seasons, he never seemed to interact with the players....but oddly enough he had a stack of sideline media/photo passes hanging out of his back pocket (which explains the dozen or so high school footbal players on the sidelines with media and/or photo passes on their belts)

I think I'll post some shots of him, and his back pocket later in the week :0)
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Steven E. Frischling, Photographer
Amherst | MA | USA | Posted: 12:54 PM on 10.06.03
->> I just found out the guy yelling at us is the former UMass footbaall coach (left 6-8 years ago) and is now in charge of Athletics Student Employment & Alumni Affairs

Explains the loud mouth, and no real purpose suited up on the sidelines

"Oh my Goodness! The safety has no job and an Alum is on the field in the 3rd quarter as UMass drops back with the ball on the fourth down and 10 seconds on the clock....what will we do? Oh wait we can turn to the Ass't Director of Athletics Student Employment & Alumni Affairs....well thank goodness he was on the sidelines suited up and ready to help"
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Thread Title: Have you ever been yelled at by a coach?
Thread Started By: Joe Brown
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