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Suggestions for a mouse and monitor
John Korduner, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | United States | Posted: 9:04 AM on 12.18.16
->> I'm growing increasingly frustrated with my editing setup, and am curious what recommended setup others enjoy

With my current setup, I find myself primarily editing pics using the trackpad on my MacBook Air. But, it's less than ideal when it comes to any sort of precision cropping or any type of drawing function/crop/burn/etc. On the other hand, I have a 2013 Mac Pro which should be the go-to machine for editing, but I find all my mice to be highly imprecise, choppy, and just downright frustrating. The tools I've tried: Magic Mouse and the standard wired apple mouse (c.2010 maybe there's newer versions that have improved significantly?) I also have a generic wired mouse for a laptop which is a little more responsive than the first two. Finally I have a large Wacom tablet, and I repurposed a Wacom mouse from an older generation tablet. I suspect the older mouse isnt fully compatible with the newer tablet. The results are mixed, sometimes it works great, and other times the mouse seems to have a mind of its own. If some sort of calibration option was available, I think that would make a huge difference and likely resolve my problems.

As for monitors, I patiently waited for apple to release a new Cinema Display, which they never did. I Like the LG 5k Models Apple currently promotes. My concern is none of my computers have USB-c, or HDMI ports. I'm not sure what my options are for a second 4K/5k monitor. If I use a mini-DVI adapter, should I expect to lose many of the benefits The new monitor offers, and effectively pay a premium for functionality that isn't compatible with my computers?

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Dirk Dewachter, Photographer
Playa Del Rey | CA | USA | Posted: 1:16 PM on 12.18.16
->> John,

I have abandoned mice a long time ago for the wacom tablet(s). I have used a Wacom Intuos2 on my MacPro for over ten years. I am using my older MacPro for the most part for edits because my Wacom tablet is not compatible with my laptop (I used to travel with my older macbook and Wacom tablet).

When in my editing workflow, I strictly stay with the Wacom pen for all functions. I do remember that, at first, I really struggled with the transition from the mouse to pen for image editing. However, after customizing the function keys of the Wacom tablet, the pen became my primary tool for editing. Have you considered abandoning your mouse for the pen since you have a large Wacom tablet. The pen is far more accurate and is pressure sensitive, this is especially helpful for dodging, burning, masking, and other such functions.

You might want to look at the sensitivity settings in your Wacom tablet set up (in apple preferences) to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse and pen. The pen is really the way to go because it is a more natural approach to interfacing with your computer programs. Aside from being erratic, mice tend to be hard on the wrist and as you know the wrist movements to manipulate the mouse can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. It is for that reason that I prefer the pen, even my doctor once pointed out that the movement with a pen is biomechanically better than using a mouse.

Regarding the monitors, I have no recommendations.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 8:43 PM on 12.18.16
->> EIZO! The monitor maker is one of the best. Unlike other brand models that are sometimes sRGB, EIZO has models that are Adobe 1998 matching giving you a greater gamut color range. Their screens are also even in tonal ranges throughout from corner to corner along with even color balance. Many cheaper models have hot and dark spots and/or blotches of different color here and there.

Warning: they are not cheap because they are excellent.

As to mice, I've always bought what's on sale. A couple years ago Staples had a Black Friday sale on iHome mice at $4 apiece. I bought several for myself, wife and kids, plus some spares.

I also have a Wacom tablet for my desktop, but 99% of what I need to do I do with my mouse.
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John Korduner, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | United States | Posted: 10:02 PM on 12.21.16
->> Thanks, I forgot about Eizos. I do remember they were the high end though. I'm gonna hold off on my monitor upgrade for a few weeks. For the mouse, I bought a raser mamba and it is really nice. I think I resolved that isssue.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 10:22 AM on 12.22.16
->> John...

If you decide to buy an EIZO drop me an email at doug at Pizac dot com and I'll give you a dealer in Chicago who has good discounts. Instead of shipping from their store they have EIZO drop ship straight to you from their warehouse which saves the money you pay. The warranty is the same.
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Mark Perlstein, Photographer, Photo Editor
Plano | TX | USA | Posted: 3:22 PM on 12.22.16
->> Anyone using the 2736, an under $1000 27 inch Eizo?
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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer
Galveston & Houston | TX | US | Posted: 11:39 PM on 12.22.16
->> What version of Mac OS X are you running? It is most likely not the mouse hardware, but OS X that is the problem.

I've been running SmoothMouse for a long time to fix this issue, however the software is no longer being developed.

SteerMouse is another option that performs a similar function.
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Thread Title: Suggestions for a mouse and monitor
Thread Started By: John Korduner
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